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      Welcome to the Elitist Jerks forums, a WoW discussion forum targeted towards topics regarding high-end raiding and analysis of game mechanics. We ask you to take a few minutes to read the following before making use of these forums.   First, a point of clarification. The name of these forums is not intended ironically; we have high standards for the discussion that occurs herein, and we're quite unapologetic about it. If you feel our rules are stupid or arbitrary, we don't really care. If you don't wish to follow them, you're welcome to return to the official Blizzard forums.   Following is a brief listing of our forum rules; note that it is by no means exhaustive, as in our experience people are quite innovative in finding new ways to be stupid. These are simply a set of guidelines to get you started in the right direction. If you follow them, you will generally do fine here; however, if you concoct some creative new form of stupidity, our moderators feel no need to restrain themselves in letting you know. All posters are to make an effort to communicate clearly. In particular, all posts should be made in a reasonable approximation of proper English. We realize that a significant number of you are not native speakers, and we do not expect perfection: merely effort. Please obey basic rules of capitalization and punctuation, avoid chatroom abbreviations ("lol", "imo", "u", and the like), and pay at least minimal attention to sentence and paragraph structure. This includes not starting a new paragraph for each sentence. All opinions should be stated as succinctly as possible. Do not make multiple consecutive posts; rather, multi-quote and include all your ideas in a single post. Do not quote huge blocks of text to add a short reply; instead, quote only what you need to to make your point. Do not break a single quoted reply into multiple blocks; doing so needlessly lengthens your post without aiding its readability. And don't provide unnecessary backstory: if it isn't relevant to the question you're asking or the point you're making, we don't need to know about it. All discussion should be both polite and civil. Trolling or flaming in any form is forbidden. Just because someone disagrees with you does not mean they are stupid or on drugs and their personal hygiene isn't really relevant to the discussion. Regardless of the merit (or lack thereof) of your argument, it should be made in a way that is neither insulting nor condescending. Whining in any form is forbidden. Blizzard is not incompetent or stupid and they are not intentionally screwing you over and neither is anyone else. If all you're going to do is complain, don't bother posting. Threads should be started if and only if there is some reasonable topic to discuss. If the issue you wish to discuss is covered in an existing thread, use it rather than creating a new one. If you are asking a simple question that you expect to have a simple answer, ask it in one of the "Simple Questions/Simple Answers" threads. But if you feel there is a topic of discussion not well-covered by existing threads, feel free to start a new thread to discuss it. Some sub-forums restrict new members from creating new topics unless they've made at least 10 approved posts, to prevent spamming or bad posts. If you really think it deserves a new thread before you have 10 posts, contact a moderator with your post content. Do not post unless you have something new and worthwhile to say. Do not bump, quote for truth, cross-post, or post only to say thanks. We don't want to hear your funny story about something that happened in your raid last night, your baseless speculation is unproductive, and your idea for a new ability really isn't that interesting. We don't care what gear you are hoping to get or just received. If you have an idea you'd like to share with the community, support it with analysis, testing, or both that indicates you've put some thought into it. (Note: Posting of a new untested spec falls under this rule, unless you have done the grunt work and have information to support your amazing new spec don't even bother posting it here.) Do not beg for hand-holding. These are forums for discussion and analysis, not for answering any question that you might happen to dream up. Search and read before posting--do not post a question unless you are fairly confident that the answer isn't widely known or easily attainable. In particular, we do not want to take a look at your armory or WWS to tell you what you're doing wrong and we're not interested in making your tough gear or spec decisions for you. We expect you to use the search function and also to read the first post as well as the last 5 pages of the thread you are posting in. Chances are your question has already been answered. Additionally, do not post asking for confirmation of a simulation result. If you think there is a problem with the Sim you are welcome to PM the author. All accounts must have a valid WoW profile. If you no longer play and have deleted all characters you used to have, you may select the "No WoW Account" option; otherwise, this information must be filled out for your main character. If you fail to observe this rule you'll be permanently banned from our forums. We do not permit anonymous posting. Do not sign your posts. People can see who you are from the profile printed to the left of each post, so signing your posts is redundant and simply takes up space. Similarly, you do not need to link your armory in your post, as if people wish to see it they can get it from your profile. Do not respond to terrible posts. Do not respond to a blatantly awful post (a post that is in clear violation of the rules) either in an attempt to moderate them or to answer a question they posed. Your post will just be warned/infracted and removed with the post you are replying to. If you feel that a post is in violation of these rules, please report it and the moderators will deal with it as we feel is appropriate. No Advertising. Do not make posts solely for the purpose of advertising your site/blog/twitch/etc. You may post such things if it's relevant and adds to discussion at hand. If you have information to share, share it here with a link back to your blog or whatever. Do not post "I have information, come to my site to get it". That will result in an immediate infraction and post removal. Also, we will remove any link to a site that violates a games TOS/EULA such as gold selling sites.

      If you violate a forum rule, you will receive an infraction. Most infractions are worth one point, although we reserve the right to give you more at any time if we feel you deserve them. If you accumulate too many infraction points, you will receive an automatic (usually temporary) ban which revokes your posting privileges, as follows: 3 Points - 1 Day 5 Points - 3 Days 8 Points - 1 Week 10 Points - 1 Month 15 Points - Permanent

      Familiarize yourself with The Banhammer, an archive of all infractions given by the moderators here; it will give you some examples of what not to do. Also feel free to take a gander over The Dung Heap, which will give you a good idea of what these forums would look like if we weren't such jerks.   Thank you for joining the discussion!
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      This Thursday, Elitist Jerks will be coming down for maintenance to upgrade to the new IPS 4.0 software. This upgrade will bring new features and better performance to the site all around.  We expect site to be down at least a few hours since EJ has a massively large database that needs updating and verification.-Complete After upgrade, some features will be missing or broken initially but will be quickly addressed throughout the coming days. Forums will work day one and it's little things like bookmarks and Pages modules that may need updating. -In Progress Known Issues So Far: Recent Posts/Topics seems to be stuck on pretty much all non forum pages. This appears to be a bug in IPS with no known solution at the moment.White space is being wasted causing forums to be too slim. There are plans to address this.Guild Homepage is currently disabled because of bug number 1. It'll be restored if a way can be found to address bug 1, but that may involve opening a ticket with IPS and awaiting a fix, if a local fix cannot be found.Spoiler tags didn't import correctly in upgrade. They still work but aren't applied to post until you edit/save post at least once. Just hitting edit then save immediately will fix spoiler tags.url tags also imported strangely.Old wowhead "item" tags are depricated. They may be re-added to fix some issues with older guides, but for most part it's better to just use the modern wowhead.js which auto parses actual wowhead links automatically into tooltips/names. Just post wowhead links in guides and the js will do the rest. You don't need a special BB code for items.There is a weird broken image under everyones name in their posts.Old article links will be broken do to IPS 4 changing url path to remove some pointless "/_/" directory. The articles are still there and can be found in guides menu. You just may not be able to click links from any threads linking to them without editing out the "/_/" part of url. I'll fix most of this little by little when more important stuff is taken care of. External links/google search results may run into same problem. That will just rely on waiting for google to reindex new paths.DBM landing page Announcement/News feeds are borked. No better way to describe it then that. DBM news can still be read in the DBM News subforum without issue.-FixedWith 9 fixed, now DBM page also has the post/topic feed bug (bug number 1).After you login, you are thrown to an error page saying page cannot be found. Another bug with IPS 4 apparently. Harmless though. Just click "forums" and you'll get forum index since redirect after login is busted.


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    • NEWS: Hearthstone to Be Fully Localized for Japan
      By MysticalOS · Posted
      Hearthstone: Heroes of WarcrafteSports For quite some time, many Japanese players have been enjoying Hearthstone by playing on the North American servers. Soon, they'll have the option to play on the Asian server, with a fully localized version of the game including Japanese text and brand new voice acting. For those curious, you can check out a bit of the latter in this video:      In addition, Blizzard Entertainment has set up a promotional site for the Japanese version of the game. Users can submit their battle.net email address to be notified when it goes live, as well as receive one free card pack. There has been no official confirmation, but based on past events, it seems likely that the free pack will be available for players in any region. Of course, there are concerns from some players. The top comment on the announcement article is a Japanese player explaining that they won't be able to communicate effectively with Korean or Taiwanese players, and also expressing the concern that they'll lose their friend list from the NA server if they are forced to switch. There is no word yet on whether changing to the Asia server will be mandatory or optional for Japanese players, but it's clear there are many hoping they won't be forced into it. Either way, having the option for a fully localized version of such a popular game should be a net positive, overall. Expanding in this way means Blizzard sees a long-term future for the game, which should be exciting for the player base. [url={url}]View the full article[/url]
    • NEWS: Kindred Spotlight Released, but Champion Pushed to Patch 5.20
      By MysticalOS · Posted
      League of LegendseSports The next champion in League of Legends is going to be Kindred, the Eternal Hunters. Riot Games has done a fantastic job hyping up the champion's release, with haunting lore and an incredible story to accompany Kindred. The champion was originally slated for release during the current 5.19 patch, but unfortunately a bug has forced Riot to delay Kindred until the 5.20 patch. Riot Iniquitee posted this on the official boards: For those still itching to get more of Kindred, the official champion spotlight was released today. Check it out below!   [url={url}]View the full article[/url]
    • Orsinium Takes TESO Players to the Orc Capital in Next DLC
      By MysticalOS · Posted
      268814The Elder Scrolls OnlineMMO The next major DLC for The Elder Scrolls Online: Tamriel Unlimited has been unveiled, and will take players to Orsinium, the ancestral home of the Orcs. The new DLC will be playable at any level, with players answering the call of King Kurog to join in the effort to assist in the rebirth of Orsinium. Some of the major features awaiting players in Orsinium include: New PVE Content for All Players
      Adventure through hours of captivating new content, no matter your level.   The Maelstrom Arena
      A new solo arena challenge, The Maelstrom Arena, features nine combat rings and two different difficulty levels. Test your might against the fiercest enemies imaginable as you, and you alone, fight for your life and if victorious, are granted generous rewards. New Public Dungeons
      Old Orsinium and Rkindaleft, Orsinium’s sprawling public dungeons, feature all new-challenges for both solo and group play. Orisinium-Exclusive Rewards and Items
      Enjoy powerful new gear, unique crafting styles and other rewards inspired by the history and denizens of Wrothgar. Be sure to check out the official trailer for Orsinium below for a brief look at the above includes and more. The Maelstrom Arena looks particularly interesting, though I’m also glad to see that a decent amount of group content is being added with the DLC as well. As with the recent Imperial City DLC, access to Orsinium is included with an active ESO Plus membership, or can otherwise be purchased via the Crown Store for 3,000 crowns. The DLC will see slightly staggered release dates for the various platforms as outlined below: PC – November 2, 2015 Xbox One – November 17, 015 PS4 – November 18, 2015 In the meantime, Orsinium will also be hitting the TESO PTS later today so players on PC will be able to preview and help test the new DLC over the next few weeks prior to the official live date.  [url={url}]View the full article[/url]
    • Floor 2 (+Recruitment update)
      By Praetorian · Posted
      After Gorefiend, there wasn't really an specific single boss that felt like it merited a front-page update, but at this point, collectively the entire second floor of the Citadel seems like it does. Onwards to the roof, and Mannoroth. Time for the real challenge. With the arrival of fall and changing work/class schedules, we're looking to replace a mage and add one more ranged DPS to our lineup to give us some flexibility as we close out the tier. More information here: http://forums.elitistjerks.com/topic/22898-hordemalganis-elitist-jerks-recruitment/
    • NEWS: Guide to Legion Class Order Halls
      By MysticalOS · Posted
      268569World of WarcraftMMOGameplay Class Order Halls are one of the brand new features players can expect to see introduced in World of Warcraft: Legion. This new addition will be one of the many attempts developers will make to bring the focus back to class identity. With Legion so far on the horizon, not overly much is know about Class Order Halls except what developers have leaked through various interviews and announcements. After combing through these tidbits, we have pulled them together to form our first basic guide on what we know about Class Order Halls thus far. Enjoy! Class Order Halls Overview Just like the various Houses in Hogwarts, Class Order Halls will be your home in World of Warcraft: Legion. Similar to The Ebon Hold for Death Knights Class Order Halls will be open to every player in your class, even those of the opposing faction. For this reason, Order Halls will be considered Sanctuaries. No player versus player action here. These are the major hubs of operation in Legion, like major cities and Garrisons were in the past. Players can plan on spending a ton of time here. However, don't think there wont' be a need to venture outside. These Halls do not come equipped with a bank or Auction House and players will have to travel elsewhere to access these features. Class Order Halls are designed to bring the focus back onto the individuality of each class. Players can expect a spotlight on the lore of each class and a place to recapture the unique feel that each class once had. With the Horde and Alliance at each others throats, it is up to each class to band together to defeat the impending doom of the Burning Legion. Each class will take on this task in a different manner, tapping into their own personal skills and abilities to do so. Class Order Hall Locations Where most of the Class Order Halls will be located is unknown at this point in time. However, much speculation on the topic has happened, some pretty good guesses have been made, and developers have leaked a few locations all on their own. Here are some potential locations many that Class Order Halls could be established in Legion: Death Knight – Acherus Demon Hunter – Vault of the Wardens Mage - Dalaran Monk – Peak of Serenity Paladin – Light's Hope Chapel Rogue – Dalaran Underbelly Shaman – Maelstrom Warlock – Legion Portal World Class Order Halls and Artifact Weapons Being the place to be in Legion, it comes as no surprise that Class Order Halls will be where players upgrade and customize their Artifact Weapons. While not much more is known, it is safe to say that these Halls and your Artifact will be directly linked. With quests and more available to help you further increase the power of your weapon. For those wanting to know more about Artifact Weapons; check out our handy Guide to Artifact Weapons. Class Halls vs. Garrisons As you may have assumed, Class Halls are a lot like Garrisons in Warlords of Dreanor. They will be the epicenter of your experience in Legion. It seems like everything that happens in this expansion will spiral out from your Class Hall. If the thought of another Garrison experience fills you with dread, know you aren't alone and your fears are mostly unfounded. From what we know, Class Halls will be like Garrisons, without all the things that made Garrisons utterly loathsome. Here are a few ways Class Halls will differ from Garrisons: Class Halls, unlike your Garrison, will be rousing centers of activity. Rather than being there all alone, players will share them with every other player in their class. Sitting alone with just your Followers will never be an issue again. Players will collect Champions instead of Followers. These Champions will be members of your class, potentially well known and elite lore figures. Champions can and will be sent on missions to further the cause of your class. These missions, unlike Garrison missions, will feel meaningful and will enhance the experience rather than hinder it. For example: you assign a Champion to a zone, then play in the zone and receive a combat bonus. There will be far fewer Champions than Followers. You will never feel like your Champions are just another face in a crowd. The Class Order Hall will allow to you feel like you are working with elite heroes (and the rest of your class) against the threat of the Burning Legion, as opposed to leading an army on your own. [url={url}]View the full article[/url]