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[Horde][Area 52] <We Kill It Post Nerf> 11/12, 10M, Tues/Thurs 9:30p - 12:00a EST

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Who we are:

<We Kill It Post Nerf> is a guild formed initially by all "IRL" friends, with the purpose of doing all 10 man content WoW has to offer on a very light raiding schedule. Since our inception, we've had a few people leave and now have members from all over the US. We're extremely crude in vent and guild chat and very laid back on off-nights, but we do take raid time quite seriously. With only two nights of raiding a week we have to be efficient, and so far we've managed to kill 11/12 in ICC with a LK kill not far behind.

Technically, we're a 10-man strict guild. This means that a majority of our members do not pug ICC-25. According to guild-ox, we're currently ranked 139 in the US among 10-man strict guilds. We are no longer limiting ourselves to 10-man strict recruits, although that would be a plus.

I'd say that we're trying to build a very tight "community," but that holds a stigma of a "family" guild that's generally pretty terrible and allows people in (and gives them raid spots) just because they're nice. That's not us - we are trying to build a strong guild with a tight roster of friends in it for the long haul, but being a nice person isn't enough to get you a long-term spot - you must also be a great player. We want people that can attend nearly every raid, that want to play all the way through ICC hard modes and then continue on into Cataclysm with the same group.

Raid Schedule:

We raid Tuesdays and Thursdays, from 9:30pm to Midnight EST. We do not call any additional raid nights, nor do we expect everyone to be on all the time on off nights. We also stop strictly at Midnight. We're all adults with full time jobs, and we respect everyone's time and responsibilities. Some of us play daily, others show up mostly for raids. Either is fine with us, so long as you're good :)

Immediate Needs:

We have a set of 7 or 8 very consistent (nearly 100% attendance) and extremely skilled players. It's the last few spots that seem to be a revolving door. As such, we're looking to add 3-5 more people so we have a very solid line up that can still withstand one or two people having to miss a raid on a given night. Because we've all been playing for quite a while (and most of us have well geared alts), we are somewhat flexible on what we need - we're recruiting players, not classes. That said, our wish list would go something like this:

  • 1x Healer, preferrably a Disc Priest or a Holy Pally
  • 1x DPS, preferrably a Mage, Hunter or Ret Pally
  • 1x Plate wearer, with geared DPS and Tank specs (either one can be primary)

However, even if you're not one of the above classes, we're still extremely interested in hearing from you if you meet our other qualifications - we can swap around to accommodate any possible character/spec/role.

You're interested? Great!

Since we're a small, very tight-knit group, we don't have a website or forums (all our out of game communications are handled through a private Google group). If you'd like to hear more or ask some questions, please send me an PM here on the EJ boards. You can also make an alt on Area-52 and send a tell to anyone in the guild, but I'd prefer a PM here so I can respond from anywhere in case I'm not in game while you're looking for me.

Bonus Info:

If you join us, you'll get to enjoy the sounds of an actual real-life girl in vent. We also have a Scotsman (he's in the US now), and he has a pretty sweet accent. If you're in St. Louis, you will also be able to join us for our Happy China raids.

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