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[Alliance][Staghelm]<Vanquish> 11/12 25H+RS25H Recruiting for Core Positions

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<Vanquish> is a dedicated raiding guild located on the Staghelm server (PvE, Chicago DB) with over 4 years of experience and several server firsts.

Currently recruiting:

One healer of the following classes:

• Priest - Holy (preferred)

• Shaman

One or two DPS of the following classes:

• Druid - Kitty and Boomkin

• Hunter

• Rogue

*If you're interested in joining but your class/spec isn't listed above, all skilled players are encouraged to apply.


11/12 ICC 25H + Glory

12/12 ICC 10H + Glory

1/1 RS 25H

1/1 RS 10H

5/5 ToGC 25 + Insanity

We raid Mon - Thurs at 7:30 - 11:30 CST. We ask that applicants maintain a 90%+ raid attendance. Once you become a member, we ask that realistically you maintain an 80%+ raid attendance. We use a loot council comprised of four officers to distribute gear in an unbiased manner. One's trial period is generally two to four weeks in length, depending on performance and behaviour during raids. During this time, you are eligible for gear, but not over members.

For those of you looking for a Cata guild, VQ will be focusing on 25-mans next xpac.

What we're looking for in an applicant:

Attitude: If you don't have a good raiding attitude, do not apply. Come prepared with necessary gear, pots, and reagents. Wipes are an inevitability of breaking into new content; be willing to suck it up and come back with more determination than before. Own up to your own mistakes--everyone makes them. Being respectful to your guildmates and the different groups of individuals within the guild is expected. Dark humour is acceptable and sometimes appreciated, crudeness and offensiveness is not.

A sense of rationality: With real life commitments, emergencies and some boss fights demanding a specific group comp, recruiting a solid 25 raiding base is nearly impossible. Being sat for a night is a reality of being in a raiding guild. While VQ will never recruit "for the bench," it's important that you maintain a sensible demeanour if we resort to asking you to step out for a boss. We are looking for players who recognise what the good of the guild requires; bitterness and selfishness will not be tolerated.

Gear: We do expect you to have adequate gear for the level of raiding we are at. It will prove to us that you put some effort into making your character well geared for your current or future specs. However, gear isn't everything; your attitude, contribution and skill are more important to us. If you feel as though you can be an exceptional addition to our guild, but your gear is slightly below par, feel free to apply anyway. If you are looking to reroll or retire your better-geared main, a link to your former raiding toon's armory included in your application will show us that you have taken the time to compose an appropriate gearset.

Skill: We are looking for players who learn quickly, have good reflexes, and have a good understanding of their class.

Ambition: Slackers and freeloaders need not apply. Lazy players are identified and taken care of accordingly. Lack of concern for the raid, "sandbagging," and meter-whoring are not and never will be welcome within the guild. We are a group of motivated individuals who are looking for players who share the same drive.

Experience: It helps if you have some experience with the content we are currently progressing through, however, if you don't, we are always willing to teach and help you learn encounters.

Communication: We use Ventrilo, and it is required that you are able to speak and listen during raid.

Please visit our website for more details and application.

Guild website: Vanquish / Staghelm

Complete progression: Raid Progress: A History in the Making

Full expectations outline: Recruitment

Application: Apply to Vanquish

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