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[Horde][Jaedenar] <Strife> 12/12 HM.(Range DPS, Healers, Tank)

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Strife a Horde guild on the Jaedenar - US server, is recruiting!

Currently looking for:

- 1 Paladin or Druid tank

- 1 Healer (any class)

- 1 Range dps.

We raid beginning at 7:30 EST (our server is also EST), and end usually around 11pm.

Our Raid Days are Monday - Thursday.

25m Wrath Achievements to date:

- Server First Heroic LK

- Grand Crusader

- Death's Demise

- Celestial Defender

- Server first GotUR

- Server first Frostwyrm

We formed in August of 2007 on the Lightning's Blade server, as "Atrocity". Eventually, due to terrible server issues (especially in WotLK Naxxramas), we transferred off to our current realm, Jaedenar. We try to keep it fun and at the same time progressive. Our atmosphere can largely be described as "Young Adult" (college age), so one can expect a lot of things that are common to that demographic.

Our looting system is Loot Council. We have 4 members that will vote on where the loot should go, based on a variety of factors (raid benefit, personal upgrade, attendance, rank, the usuals).

Our ranking System is:

-Initiate: New recruits to the guild.

-Raider: Our main raiding base. These are people that have passed the initiate stage of recruitment.

-Hardcore: This rank has special Guild bank privileges for those that are able to maintain a 100% attendance rate for at least two weeks and aren't a burden to the raid.

-Loot Council: Pretty simple. These are members that we think will be fair in deciding loot. Along with this, they are given (or are willing to take) responsibilities from time to time.

-Officer: Recruitment and other clerical things.

-Treasurer: Handles the Guild Bank, also serves as an authority figure.

-Guild Master: The GM. Has the last word on issues.

Website:Strife - Jaedenar Guild - The Front Page

WoWProgress: WoW Guild Strife :: WoWProgress - World of Warcraft Rankings and History

That about sums it up. Feel free to contact Bjt in-game or Bjtmage on the guild forums if you have questions, or apply on our website. Looking forward to work on heroic ICC and moving into the next expansion with like minded players.

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