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4.0.3a Tanking/Protection Field Manual :: Fordring's Groupies (Updated: Dec 2, 2010)

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Updated: December 2, 2010


Paladins have gone through significant changes with the introduction of 4.0 and Cataclysm. As such many of the fundamental mechanics that had become very familiar for the past two years have changed or disappeared entirely. This guide and the attached thread is a one stop shop for Paladins interested in tanking. The original post will be maintained and updated with information from the thread that is pertinent and valuable. If there is information you feel should be present in this guide please PM me directly or post in the thread with what you think should be added.

DISCLAIMER: We are in the early days of 4.0/Cataclysm; so much of this information will be in flux and it will take time for the community as a whole to refine the theory crafting. Additionally, upcoming patches from Blizzard will undoubtedly complicate things more. Please be mindful of this.



[TABLE]Abbreviation | Definition

AD | Ardent Defender

AP | Attack Power

BiS | Best in Slot

BoK | Blessing of Kings

BoM | Blessing of Might

Con | Consecration

CS | Crusader Strike

DP | Divine Protection

DS | Divine Shield

GAK | Guardian of Ancient Kings

GC | Grand Crusader

GCD | Global Cooldown

HotR | Hammer of the Righteous

HoPo | Holy Power

HoW | Hammer of Wrath

HW | Holy Wrath

Jud | Judgement

JotW | Judgements of the Wise

LoH | Lay on Hands

MP5 | Mana per 5 Seconds

SoI | Seal of Insight

SoT | Seal of Truth

SotR | Shield of the Righteous

SP | Spell Power

TbtL | Touched by the Light

WoG | Word of Glory



==3.0 to 4.0 Changes==

I will not go over every single change but here is a short list of big changes that directly affect tanking Paladins. These are important game mechanic changes that maybe unique to Paladins or apply to multiple classes; regardless you should be aware of these in order to be an effective tank. As time marches on this section will eventually disappear as everyone begins getting used to the changes.

  • Specializations
    Blizzard is now keeping players to one talnet tree until 30 talent points have been spent at which point players can branch out into other talent trees. Protection Paladins receive the following specializations:
    • [Avenger's Shield] - Same as the talented ability in TBC/WotLK but now scales with level.
    • [Vengeance] - Passive ability that boosts AP as you take damage.
    • [Touched by the Light] - Passive ability the gives a fixed percentage bonus to stamina, spell hit, and SP based on Strength.
    • [Judgements of the Wise] - Passive ability that activates with Judgement to give 30% base mana over time.

  • Ardent Defender
    This is no longer a passive talent. This is a major change that 3.0 Paladin Tanks will have to get used to. The death protection aspect functions mostly like before except that the benefit is only available when the talent is active. While active the talent also serves as a damage reduction ability similar to Divine Protection by reducing incoming damage by 20%.

  • Holy Power
    This is a new resource mechanic similar to DK runes or Rogue combo points (pick your comparison). Depending on talent build and ability usage this gauge (found under the hit point/mana bars) will fill or empty. The amount of HoPo in the gauge can boost the effects of spells and other abilities. See the rotation sub section for more information.

  • Blessings
    Blessings have been cut down even further with this expansion. There are two blessings: Kings and Might. Kings functions similarly as before though it now also increases base resistance by a percentage based on level. Might increases attack power as a percentage but it also increases MP5. Both blessings now last an hour and now it only takes a single cast to bless your entire party/raid.

  • No More Defense Rating
    Defense rating no longer exists as a stat. Crit immunity is now purchased through the Sanctuary talent (formerly known at Blessing of Sanctuary) in the Protection tree. All three ranks must be purchased to guarantee crit immunity.

  • Block Change
    Mastery effectively provides additional "block rating" for Protection Paladins. In sum more Mastery means more blocking. Block value no longer exists. For Paladins a block is a straight 30% damage reduction on the attack (40% when Holy Shield is up, which should be most of the time).

  • Holy Shield/Shield of the Righteous Linked
    Holy Shield is no longer an activated ability and thus no longer in the tanking rotation. The talent will provide a 10% bonus to blocking damage reduction when Shield of the Righteous is activated. See below for more information regarding the rotation.

  • Cooldown Shakeup
    Several cooldowns have been changed and new ones have been added. AD now behaves like an activated cooldown. DP remains an activated cooldown but will only reduce damage by 20%. The new major damage reducing cooldown is now GAK; an ability with a 5 minute cooldown that will reduce damage for Protection Paladins by 60%. NOTE: Other Paladin builds use this ability as well but with different effects. Avenging Wrath is unchanged and a new damage boosting ability called Inquisition has been introduced as well.

    Forbearance: Forbearance remains in the game, but now is applied to targets effected by Lay on Hands (when self targeted), Divine Shield and Hand of Protection only.


==Talent Specs==

Remember that it is now necessary to commit to a single talent tree fully before you are able to progress in a new tree so when specing make sure to start with Protection first. Note that some builds are sensitive to glyph selections.

Here is a starter build with 10 spare talents points for level 85 characters if none of the ones below interest you.

  • The Guardian (2/32/7) - This spec picks up Divine Guardian which provides a straight 20% damage reduction to all party/raid members in range. It also picks up Guarded by the Light and Eternal Glory to take advantage of Word of Glory self-healing and refund Holy Power. The rest of the spec focuses on single target threat generation.

  • The Striker (0/33/8) - This spec picks up both ranks of Hallowed Ground for more mana efficent AoE tanking while doing strong overall threat.

  • The Haymaker (2/31/8) - If you need threat and need it fast this is the build for you. This sacrafices utility and surviability (WoG and GbtL bubbles) in order to generate as much threat as possible; also friendlier for AoE by picking up Hallowed Ground.

  • The Wogger (0/31/10) - This spec is centered around self healing through WoG and maximizing the benefits there of.



Blizzard has done another large consolidation of stats with this patch/expansion. Defense rating among other secondary stats have disappeared altogether. Dodge and Parry now scale the same. A summary of relevant stats and changes to be aware of are available below.

===Stat Overview===


Strengths value is flux now that there is no Block Value to be generated from it, but according to Blizzard it now provides parry rating (not just for Death Knights anymore!). It remains the primary (and so far only) source of raw AP for all Paladins.


Stamina, of course, remains important in providing for a large health pool. There are no significant changes for Protection Paladins regarding this stat; however given that the AP bonus provided by [Vengeance] is regulated by maximum health additional hit points indirectly translate to additional AP and thus threat.


Agility will lose value in that it will no longer provide armor like before. All indications are that it will continue to provide dodge rating at the same rate as before.

Dodge Rating

Dodge rating will continue to be on equipment. So far there appears to be no significant change on how this stat and avoidance functions.

Parry Rating

As mentioned above Parry Rating will be gained from STR as well as items. According to Blizzard parry will "provide the same avoidance as Dodge" indicating for the purposes of avoidance parry and dodge are equivalent in terms of stat values.

A word on dodge & parry...

Dodge and Parry diminishing returns are now the same thus from a pure avoidance perspective both dodge and parry are now the same; numbers regarding parry-haste however are still foggy so the amount of parry vs dodge regarding damage from boss parry-haste is still up for debate.

Hit Rating

As usual hit rating is necessary in order to actually hit the stuff you will be tanking (no damage, no threat). The vast majority of Protection Paladin abilities are based of the melee hit table not the spell hit table. As such at level 80 Paladins are interested in only reaching the 8% melee hit cap. Any hit over the cap is considered wasted.

Level 85 - 8% requires 961 Hit rating / 841 for Draenei

Going over the hit cap would continue to increase spell hit percentage but such gains would be so infinitesimally small for Paladin tanking that gems/enchants and other itemizations should be saved for improving other stats than attempting to push spell hit percentage.

While in Wrath, we still saw a moderate benefit from hit above 8%, the combination of 6% spell hit from talents and a significant reduction in the amount of our DPS subject to spell hit has made the benefit over cap essentially zero. So like many DPS classes, hit rating below the cap will be one of our best threat stats, while anything above the cap is wasted.

As of Patch 4.0.3a the spell hit bonus from [Touched by the Light] has been increased to 8% so there is no reason to have hit beyond the 961 rating.

Expertise Rating

Expertise is so far unchanged. The goal remains to have 26 expertise in order to push dodge off boss avoidance tables. Note that particular racial bonuses can reduce the required amount of expertise rating. According to Theck's numbers this is currently one of the best threat stats for Protection Paladins up to 55 expertise.

Level 85 - 26 Expertise requires 781 Expertise rating / 55 Expertise requires 1652 Expertise rating

TLDR Summary:

Expertise and Hit are our best DPS stats. When gearing for DPS/threat, you should be aiming for 8% hit and a minimum of 26 expertise. From that point on, stack expertise until around 55, after that stack Strength.

Crit, AP, Agility, and Stamina all give almost as much DPS as strength. For gearing purposes, they're all approximately equal, though Strength has a slight lead.

Haste is a mediocre threat stat, and Mastery/SP/Intellect are all weak threat stats. Don't stack any of them.

Now for something different...


Mastering Mastery

Mastery is a "universal" stat that depending on the player's spec provides different benefits. For now it does not suffer from diminishing returns. For Protection Paladins, Mastery provides block rating via Divine Bulwark. Currently for each whole point of Mastery (decimal amounts do not apply) the Paladin will receive 2.25% increased chance to block. All indications are that this is the only means for Paladins to attain block rating/percentage (with very few exceptions). Tanking gear (to date) has only had dodge/parry for secondary defensive stats. Paladins will want Mastery... lots of it. See below regarding reforging and Mastery.


Reforging & You

Now for a word or two about reforging. Reforging will allow you to shift stats around on gear to (hopefully) optimize your build by moving 40% of a secondary stat to another (even not present stat) on the same item. What does this mean for tanking Paladins? Now that blocks are no longer a fixed amount of mitgation but instead reduced damage by a certain percentage it is in our interest to try to block as much as possible. As such we want to reach the 102.4% total avoidance threshold that we have aimed for in the past. This pushes regular hits off the table so that any physical hit has to come through a block. Given that tanking Paladins should be reforging for Mastery as much as possible.

Do not forget that gemming and enchanting can add to secondary stats so keep in mind your gemming and enchanting choices when reforging and vise-versa.

The Rule of 102.4%

Where is this 102.4% number coming from? The number represents your total avoidance...


BM = Base Miss chance of 5%, DC = Dodge Chance as displayed on your character, PC = Parry Chance as displayed on your character, BC = Block Chance as displayed on your character

If you are wondering where Holy Shield is remember that the talent has been changed to provide a bonus to block damage reduction instead of block chance.

Don't Go Crazy

Do not reforge into Mastery at the expense of everything else. Keep in mind that reaching the hit cap and the expertise soft cap (26 expertise) are very important as well. Also going beyond the block cap is a waste. Once you hit that 102.4% threshold you have to stop. Any additional block serves absolutely no purpose. Also once your reach 102.4% be careful to balance dodge/parry correctly. Dodge and parry occur before block on the hit table so if you end up having too much dodge/parry you push more block chances off the hit table.

Reforging Tips

  • If you are unable reach 26 Expertise with SoT glyph and racial abilities reforge—in this order—haste, crit, parry, dodge, mastery, hit into expertise.
  • If you have at least 26 Expertise with SoT glyph and racial abilities reforge—in this order—haste, crit, parry, dodge, mastery into hit. (NOTE: Never reforge expertise into hit unless you are well past 55 expertise.)
  • If you have at least 26 Expertise with SoT glyph and racial abilities and are hit capped reforge—in this order—haste, crit, parry, dodge, excess hit into mastery. Continue to follow this rule until you reach the 102.4% block cap. IMPORTANT: When reforging from dodge/parry make sure to reforge from the stat that has the most rating since it will be the stat stuffering from the most diminishing returns.
  • Once you have hit the 102.4% block cap and are hit and soft expertise capped then all excess stats should be funneled into expertise.
  • You should never be reforging into the following stats... haste, crit, parry or dodge.

Why am I reforging this way?

The reforging (and gearing) strategy are aimed towards maximizing mastery to maximize your block chance. This is important for Paladins because being block capped smooths out the rate of incoming damage, reduces damage spikes, and makes it easier for your healers.

I want to expand on that because not everyone was around back when healer mana was a real concern in raiding. It may not be obvious to all that even if you take more dmg overall, if the incoming dmg curve is smoother and more predictable you actually cost less mana to keep alive. Predictable curve translate to less spikes / less reactive healing and that translates to;

- Improved mana efficiency by using slower but more HPM efficient spells.

- Reduced need to be toped off at all times, thus lowering overhealing and letting HoTs tick for actual healing. Again, being more efficient on mana.

So even if your DTPS (dmg taken per second) is higher than the next tank, you can be easier to heal and more efficient on your healers mana.



Various professions offer various benefits for a tanking Paladin. Below is a summary of what professions provide what. The sheer value of professions is somewhat diminished from WotLK stature. Once level 85 scaling is factored in, the itemization points provided by a full maxed profession will provide roughly half the rating granted in WotLK. Still, some professions are certainly still more valuable than others. In a min/maxing sense Leatherworking/Alchemy are believed to provide the largest gain in survivability, though there are concerns Mixology will not retain its current % boost to Elixirs and LW’s benefit comes largely from the absence of a straight +STA wrist enchant as competition for the profession bonus. There was no +STA wrist enchant going into WotLK either, but one was introduced within days of launch. Other than these two Professions, BS, JC, Inscription, and Enchanting are extremely closely balanced. Mining is a step behind as its +STA gain is acceptable for tanking but a dual-spec player would get minimal benefit for an off-spec. Engineering looks good for entry raiding, but the presence or absence of higher ilevel craftable helms and buffed failure penalties for Tinkers make it difficult to properly compare.

Skinning, Herbalism, and Tailoring remain unattractive to paladin tanks.


The benefits to tanking are powerful but slightly questionable. The crafted trinket ([iTEM]Lifebound Alchemist Stone[/iTEM]) is tremendous for early raiding as STAM and Mastery are the two key stats for paladin tanks. Additional benefits include a percentage bonus benefit when using potions/flasks/etc and longer durations on flask/elixir based buffs through [Mixology]. The +STA flask appears to be underbudget and progression minded tanks, barring changes, are expected to use Mastery and Armor Elixirs instead. If Mixology provides the same % boost to Elixirs as to STAM Flasks, Alchemy will be an extremely powerful profession (though somewhat lacking in flexibility, as one must swap flasks/elixirs if one changes specs and wants to keep the profession bonus).

See more on Alchemy.


Beyond crafting your own plate gear (which has marginal benefits, as all interesting pieces are BoE and thus potentially purchasable) the primary purpose of this profession is to provide you with two additional gemming slots ([socket Bracer] [socket Gloves]) to stuff stamina gems for additional HP.

See more on Blacksmithing.


The primary benefit enchanting has for tanking is the +60 stamina to each of your rings for a total gain of 120 stamina. For those with Retribution off-specs there are the +STR/AGI ring buffs to consider as well.

See more on Enchanting.


Engineering has filled the role of crafting usable equipment, namely specialized helms and ranged weapons. This continues with Cataclysm. It is unclear what head slot epics will become available later on but engineering Protection Paladins can craft [iTEM][Reinforced Bio-Optic Killshades][/iTEM] as their first epic tanking helm. As the special Jewelcrafter like Cogwheel "gems" ([iTEM]Flashing Cogwheel[/iTEM], [iTEM]Fractured Cogwheel[/iTEM], [iTEM]Subtle Cogwheel[/iTEM]) can only be used in the crafted Engy helms, the presence or absence of further crafted helms has a substantial impact on the profession’s future value. Other benefits include slot specifc enchants for tanks like [Quickflip Deflection Plates] and [Grounded Plasma Shield].

See more on Engineering


Herbalism provides little benefit to tanking Paladins; [Lifeblood] can be used as a self heal and haste boost but is sub-optimal based on other profession bonuses.

See more on Herbalism.


Inscription will be able to create epic level relics come Cataclysm. The most interesting for tanking Paladins are [iTEM][Notched Jawbone][/iTEM] and [iTEM][silver Inlaid Leaf][/iTEM], though the stats for the latter item are not ideal. Beyond that if you have good access to herbs you can create your own glyphs.

See more on Inscription.


Jewelcrafting can provide interesting trinkets but its primary benefit is the unique gems ([iTEM][solid Chimera's Eye][/iTEM]) only useable by jewel crafters.

See more on Jewelcrafting.


The primary benefit for tanking Paladins provided by leatherworking would be the fur linings for bracers. A +195 STA wrist enchant has been data-mined, as have various +resist wrist enchants (though the resist enchants all still have WotLK values, presumably as place holders). The current BiS defensive wrist Enchant is +50 Dodge rating. While the gap in itemization points between the two enchants is roughly what one would expect for a profession bonus, the gap between the base enchant being in the inferior Dodge vs Stamina makes this a superior option. In WotLK there was also no competing +STA wrist enchant initially, but one was added within days, dropping Leatherworking in line with the other professions. However, going into WotLK there was nothing comparable to the +Dodge rating enchant expected to be available in Cataclysm, so it is not entirely clear what will happen.

See more on Leatherworking


[Toughness] is the main benefit provided by mining. It's value is slightly diminished from WotLK since there less stamina boosting talents though a benefit remains through the [Touched by the Light] specialization for Protection Paladins. Mining is also the support profression for Blacksmithing, Engineering, and Jewelcrafting.

See more on Mining.


Given how low critical strike rating is as a priority for tanking Paladins the [Master of Anatomy] benefit from this profession is one of the least optimal.

See more on Skinning.


Tailoring allows for the embroidering of cloaks. None of the embroidering options are ideal for Protection Paladins so this profession is also one of the least optimal for tanks.

See more on Tailoring.


==Glyphs, Enchants, Gems and Consumables==


A third tier of glyphs have been introduced with Cataclysm. We now have Prime, Major, and Minor glyphs. For detail on why you should choose specific glyphs please go here.


[iTEM]Glyph of Hammer of Righteous[/iTEM] (Recommended) - Increase both physical and holy damage components by 10%. (NOTE: As of Nov. 23, 2010 this Glyph is presumed to have been fixed though it does not appear in the patch notes.)

[iTEM]Glyph of Seal of Truth[/iTEM] (Recommended) - Seal of Truth also grants 10 Expertise while active.

[iTEM]Glyph of Judgement[/iTEM] - Judgement deals 10% more damage.*

[iTEM]Glyph of Shield of the Righteous[/iTEM] (Recommended) - Increases the damage of Shield of the Righteous by 10%.*

[iTEM]Glyph of Word of Glory[/iTEM] - Increases the healing done by Word of Glory.*

* Build and preference on whether to focus more on single/AoE tanking or WoG will effect these glyph selections.


Prime glyphs have replaced the role of Major glyphs while Major glyphs have now become a middle of the road type of glyph. Being middle of the road these glyphs do not adjust abilities as drastically as prime glyphs. Below are acceptable glyphs for tanking Paladins.

[iTEM]Glyph of Dazing Shield[/iTEM] - Avenger's Shield now also dazes targets.

[iTEM]Glyph of Divine Protection[/iTEM] - Increases magical damage reduction of this ability by 20% and removed the physical protection benefit.*

[iTEM]Glyph of the Ascetic Crusader[/iTEM] - Reduces mana cost of CS by 30%.

[iTEM]Glyph of Focused Shield[/iTEM] (Recommended) - Avenger's Shield hits 2 fewer targets, but for 30% more damage.

[iTEM]Glyph of Holy Wrath[/iTEM] (Recommended) - This provides an AoE stun and will likely have high utility come the expansion when more dragonkin and elementals will be present in content.

[iTEM]Glyph of Lay on Hands[/iTEM] (Recommended) - Reduces LoH cooldown by 3 minutes.

* As of this publishing word is that this glyph does not remove the physical protection benefit however I've been unable to find official confirmation.


Minor glyph selection remains underwhelming; ultimately the choice of Minor glyphs has very little impact on tanking performance.

[iTEM]Glyph of Blessing of Might[/iTEM] - Reduces the mana cost of BoM by 50%.

[iTEM]Glyph of Blessing of Kings[/iTEM] - Reduces the mana cost of BoK by 50%.

[iTEM]Glyph of Truth[/iTEM] - Reduces the mana cost of SoT by 50%.*



Many enchants have been changed/removed to reflect the new stat system that has been implemented. Below are suggested enchants for tanking Paladins; choices might depend on your build. Do keep in mind your enchanting choices relative to your gemming in gearing choices when reforging later.

[TABLE]Slot | Enchant

Head | [Arcanum of the Earthen Ring]

Shoulders | [Greater Inscription of Unbreakable Quartz]

Back | [Enchant Cloak - Protection]

Chest | [Enchant Chest - Greater Stamina]

Wrist | [Enchant Bracer - Dodge], [Enchant Bracer - Greater Expertise]

Hands | [Enchant Gloves - Mighty Strength], [Enchant Gloves - Greater Expertise], [Enchant Gloves - Greater Mastery]

Finger | [Enchant Ring - Greater Stamina] (Enchanters Only)

Legs | [Charscale Leg Armor]

Feet | [Enchant Boots - Earthen Vitality], [Enchant Boots - Mastery]

Weapon | [Enchant Weapon - Windwalk]

Shield | [Enchant Shield - Blocking], [Enchant Shield - Protection]




Gems have gone under a significant revamp much like enchants. Gems with specific stats that have been removed the game have also been removed. Some stats have also changed colors. As such the 3.0 to 4.0 transition will be a bit painful for some as they must re-gem in order to make current gear sets work until Cataclysm. Once people begin transitioning into Cata this problem should subside.

Below are preferred gems for Protection Paladins. As before the most widely accepted gemming strategy is to maximize stamina and gem other colors as necessary to activate the Meta gem.


[iTEM][Austere Shadowspirit Diamond][/iTEM] - +81 Stamina and 2% increased armor from items (Requires 2 Yellow gems)

[iTEM][Eternal Shadowspirit Diamond][/iTEM] - +81 Stamina and +5% shield block value (Requires 3 Blue gems)

There has not been much theory crafting on determing which meta provides the greatest overall benefit. Based on previous theorycrafting the Austere Shadowspirit Diamond would be favored; however given new block mechanics Paladins may find the Eternal Shadowspirit better in that it will even out damage spikes better. More theorycrafting to come regarding this.


[iTEM][solid Chimera's Eye][/iTEM] - +101 Stamina (Jewelcrafters Only)

[iTEM][Rigid Chimera's Eye][/iTEM] - +67 Hit Rating (Jewelcrafters Only)

[iTEM][Precise Chimera's Eye][/iTEM] - +67 Expertise Rating (Jewelcrafters Only)

Blizzard has yet to provide information on Cataclysm regular epic gems; more on this later.


[iTEM][sovereign Demonseye][/iTEM] - +20 Strength and +30 Stamina (Counts as Red or Blue gem)

[iTEM][Regal Dream Emerald][/iTEM] - +20 Dodge Rating and +30 Stamina (Counts as Blue or Yellow gem)

[iTEM][Defender's Demonseye][/iTEM] - +20 Parry Rating and +30 Stamina (Counts as Red or Blue gem)



A food and other self applied buffs are necessary to be effective. The following are appropriate foods, potions, elixirs, flasks, and scrolls to use while tanking.


The new "fish feast" of Cataclysm is [iTEM]Seafood Magnifique Feast[/iTEM].

Threat Food

Threat food obviously helps with threat. If you are well geared and not hurting for hit or expertise Beer-Based Crocolisk will be your go to food.

[iTEM]Beer-Basted Crocolisk[/iTEM] - +90 Strength / +90 Stamina

[iTEM]Crocolisk Au Gratin[/iTEM] - +90 Expertise rating / +90 Stamina

[iTEM]Grilled Dragon[/iTEM] - +90 Hit rating / +90 Stamina

Avoidance Food

Avoidance food will help you close the gap if you have not quite block capped yet or desire a bit more dodge/parry.

[iTEM]Lavascale Minestrone[/iTEM] - +90 Mastery rating / +90 Stamina

[iTEM]Mushroom Sauce Mudfish[/iTEM] - +90 Dodge rating / +90 Stamina

[iTEM]Blackbelly Sushi[/iTEM] - +90 Parry rating / +90 Stamina


Beyond the usual health and mana potions which you should have on you at all times [iTEM]Earthen Potion[/iTEM] is the only other potion interesting to tanks but is not critical.


As usual there are a variety of elixirs to choose from. Like food mix/match as appropriate for your current build and needs. Below is a list of the most likely that you'll need. Remember that you can have only 1 of each type of elixir (Battle and Guardian) at any given time.

[iTEM]Elixir of Deep Earth[/iTEM] - +900 Armor (Guardian Elixir)

[iTEM]Elixir of the Master[/iTEM] - +225 Mastery rating (Battle Elixir)

[iTEM]Elixir of the Naga[/iTEM] - +225 Expertise rating (Battle Elixir)

[iTEM]Elixir of Impossible Accuracy[/iTEM] - +225 Hit rating (Battle Elixir)


Flasks are generally pefered over Elixirs in raid environments. One flask also counts as a Battle and Guardian Elixir. Below are recommended flasks.

[iTEM]Flask of Steelskin[/iTEM] - +300 Stamina

[iTEM]Flask of Titanic Strength[/iTEM] - +300 Strength

Given current flask selections Steelskin will almost always be the best one for tanking Paladins. Titanic strength is an option for threat, but if you are using a flask to generate threat then it is likely you have gear or rotation issues not strength issues.



Several abilities got renamed or moved, but should be familiar to many veteran Paladin tanks. There is also Holy Power which now needs to be contended with.


[seal of Insight] - Formerly known as Seal of Light. Continues to function as before; healing the Paladin for each swing as well as restoring a small amount of mana. Judgments on this seal will do damage and will restore 15% of base mana. Usually you will not use these seal, though it can be handy in case you must tank a low damage mob when a healer isn't available.

[seal of Righteousness] - Seal that does straight holy damage for each swing and judgment. This Seal is not optimal for tanks and should be avoided.

[seal of Truth] - What was once known as Seal of Vengeance is now known as this. The ability is essentially the same as before and also remains the principle tanking Seal. Remember to pick up the associated glyph for 10 Expertise.

===Key Abilities===

[Avenging Wrath] - The effects of this ability have not changed much from before though it no longer causes another abilities to be locked out or put on temporary cooldown. AW can be activated and other abilities like DS or DP can be activated immediately as well. The cooldown of this ability is reduced to 2 minutes when talented into all ranks of [shield of the Templar].

[Crusader Strike] - Crusader Strike is now a baseline skill and grants a charge of Holy Power. NOTE: CS shares a cooldown with HotR.

[Devotion Aura] - There are very few exception when a Protection Paladin would not be using this aura while tanking. The aura confers the benefit of providing additional armor to the Paladin and all party/raid members affected by the aura.

[Hammer of the Righteous] - Much like the old version this is an AoE attack but not limited by the number of targets. The hammer will hit a primary target hard and then anything else within 8 yards of your target a somewhat less powerful holy attack. NOTE: HotR shares a cooldown with CS.

[Hand of Reckoning] - Hand of Reckoning has lost its damage component so it is no longer viable as a single target pull. It now, for all intents and purposes, works the same as the Warrior's taunt.

[Hand of Protection] - Hand of Protection allows you to target yourself or party/raid member to protect them from physical attacks only for 10 seconds. If you cast this on yourself you will also be locked out of using Divine Shield for 2 minutes.

[Righteous Defense] - This ability is unchanged and remains the Protection Paladin's "indirect" taunt. Use it on a party/raid member to direct up to 3 enemies to attack you instead.

[Righteous Fury] - This ability remains almost the same as before by greatly increasing your threat generated, however now the ability boosts all threat generated not just holy damage. Also Blizzard has been nice enough to remind Paladins in the tooltip that this ability makes you a better tank.

[shield of the Righteous] - Our principle single target attack. This and its associated glyph are must haves for Paladin tanking. This ability is powered using HoPo and as such will not activate unless you have at least 1 HoPo charged on your gauge.

[Word of Glory] - WoG should be treated as a utility ability. Since it only uses HoPo for its effect it's very friendly for Protection Paladins low on mana. Additionally the base spec (via Guarded by the Light) also provides the additional benefit of converting any over healing into a temporary bubble and activates Holy Shield.

[inquisition] - Similar to Avenging Wrath in that it boosts damage output for a specified duration (increased depending on your amount of Holy Power). Though this ability only boosts holy damage.


[Ardent Defender] - AD has gone through significant changes with 4.0; the most notable being that the ability is no longer passive. In order to benefit from the death saving effect the ability has to be manually activated. When activated the ability provides a 10 second buff window. During that window AD behaves like before; if a Paladin is struck by an attack that would kill them they are instead healed for 15% of max health. Another major difference is that the ability will no longer passively reduce damage when falling below a particular health percentage. During the 10 second window when the ability is activated Paladins will also benefit from a fixed 20% reduction to all incoming damage.

[Divine Protection] - DP is no longer as strong as before; the upside is that it no longer causes [Forbearance]. It is also a short cooldown (1 minute) and relatively cheap. This should be used to manage damage in non-emergency situations.

[Divine Guardian] - If you pick up this talent you receive a new cooldown that now reduces damage by 20% to all members of your party/raid within 100 yards for 6 seconds; you do not benefit from the damage reduction of this ability.

[Divine Shield] - This ability is available to all Paladins but should be used carefully by tanks since it effectively removes you from combat and thus the threat table temporarily. Enemies on you will immediately go towards the next party/raid members on the threat table. In most cases tanks will not use this ability.

[Guardian of Ancient Kings] - This is now the major cooldown for tanking Paladins. GAK will reduce damage to the tanking Paladin by 50% through the Ancient Guardian ability for a yet unspecified duration. Cooldown on this ability is 5 minutes; or 3 minutes if speced into all ranks of [shield of the Templar].

[Lay on Hands] - LoH remains an important cooldown for tanking Paladins. The ability has been largely unchanged from 3.x.x. While it does not cause forbearance anymore the ability still causes a global lockout on all other damage reducing cooldowns (except GAK; though this may change) via Forbearance for 2 minutes. This occurs even if another Paladin activates their LoH on you.


==Mechanics & Rotation==

===Holy Power===

The introduction of Holy Power changes rotation dynamics for Protection Paladins. Much like combo points for Rogues this new resource scales up abilities effects depending on how full the gauge is. When an ability that uses HoPo is activated the gauge is emptied and depending on the amount displayed the ability receives a boost (usually more damage or more healing).

The following abilities/talents relevant to Protection Paladins use Holy Power...


[shield of the Righteous]

[Word of Glory]

The following abilities relevant to Protection Paladins generate Holy Power...

[Crusader Strike]

[Hammer of the Righteous]

[Pursuit of Justice] (If talented, HoPo gains are incidental)

[Divine Plea] (3 Holy Power)

===The Pull===

Pulling has not changed much. Hand of Reckoning has lost its damage component so it's not such a clever single target pull as it used to be. However, if you have speced into it Judgment increased to 30 yards is now a viable single target pull. Like before Avengers Shield remains an excellent multi-target pull or single target pull if you have [iTEM]Glyph of Focused Shield[/iTEM].

===The Rotation===

Whatever you knew about the Paladin tanking rotation needs to now be tossed out the window. The previous 9/6 rotation that proved to be highly reliable is no longer possible. The rotation is also heavily effected by HoPo (as described above) so the order of abilities matter in order maximize the usage of HoPo. Because of this Protection now uses a priority/clash resolution system like many other classes.

Our new queue is ShoR>CS>J>AS>HW. Feel free to slip Cons in above HW if the boss is stationary and mana isn't an issue.

This is equivalent to the following (dubbed "939") rotation: CS-J-CS-X-CS-ShoR, where X is filled with AS if it's available, or HW otherwise.

The ability priority for single target tanking is as follows:

Shield of the Righteous > Hammer of the Righteous/Crusader's Strike > Hammer of Wrath (when active) > Judgement > Avenger's Shield* > Consecration > Holy Wrath

NOTE: SotR / Shield of the Righteous will not activate until you have at least one charge of Holy Power.

For area tanking the following priorities are used (this is a proposed priority queue for now):

Shield of the Righteous > Hammer of the Righteous > Consecration > Holy Wrath > Avenger's Shield* > Judgment

* This is assumed AS has been glyphed for single target. For the AoE rotation the assumption is AS is unglyphed.

Modeling a Rotation

Even though abilities are activated based on a priority queue there is a soft rotation being refered to as a "939" or 9/3 rotation. This rotation cannot be mapped out into macros quite as easily as the former 9/6 rotation but has a more defined pattern that is easier to follow.

Using Crusader Strike vs. Hammer of the Righteous

With 4.0.3a HotR has moved in on CS as the superior single target tanking ability for the below rotation for most Paladins. So for both single target and AoE rotations you should be using HotR for the Holy Power generating attack (especially when glyphed) over CS.

Note that this is in a particular gear set (about 4% hit and 33 expertise after SoT glyph and human racial), and assumes the bugfix for TbtL went live (so we have 8% more spell hit). Given that, even unglyphed HotR outpaces CS. Glyphing HotR or adding the T10 2-piece to the Nova portion will only improve it from there.

Keep in mind that at reaching 85 weapon damage scales back up, abilities scale to that level, and Cataclysm gear is used that CS will likely creep back up to the top as your HoPo generating ability of choice when tanking single targets.

For single target tanking it goes as follows...

CS/HotR > Judgement > CS/HotR > mathtex.cgi?x > CS/HotR > Shield of the Righteous/Word of Glory (for WoG builds)

mathtex.cgi?x - This is a variable ability following the priority mentioned above. When mathtex.cgi?x appears you activate the next available ability on the priority queue that is not already part of the rotation. Generally if you follow this rotation the priority queue for mathtex.cgi?x is as follows: Avenger's Shield > Consecration > Holy Wrath. When the target is below 20% Hammer of Wrath becomes the first ability in this list.

You should notice immediately that what is happening is that CS/HotR is seperated by an ability in the priority queue and after the next GCD CS/HotR is activated again. This back and forth continues until you have 3 Holy Power generated at which point the next ability to activate after the GCD is SotR (or WoG if you are doing that build). Also, the rotation is "fast" enough that you have enough time to use any Sacred Duty procs by the time you activate SotR.

NOTE: Divine Plea now provides 3 instant Holy Power that ability should move to the of the clash order/priority queue. Opening your rotation should now involve activating Divine Please casting SotR then moving into the rotation mentioned above. Repeat whenever Divine Plea is off cooldown. Also, DP can be followed up by WoG for a quick powerful heal on yourself.

Click here for a visual flow chart of the single target tanking rotation.

For a quick and dirty area tanking rotation you can take the above rotation for single target and rearrange the priorities. Your milage will vary though since AoE threat generate priorities can vary depending in talent build and glyph selection. Without exception though you want to be using HotR here, glyphed or not.

HotR > mathtex.cgi?x > HotR > mathtex.cgi?x > HotR > Shield of the Righteous/Word of Glory (for WoG builds)

mathtex.cgi?x = Consecration > Holy Wrath > Avenger's Shield > Judgment

What is very clear is that there are many more things to track during the rotation than before. You need be aware of Scared Duty and Grand Crusader procs as those are important for optimal threat generation. You need to be mindful of your current Holy Power so you do not waste a GCD or two before activating SotR/WoG; it's very unoptimal to use any other abilities while having max Holy Power. This is the new normal for Paladins that are tanking. You will likely have to make adjustments to your UI and/or playstyle in order to better track everything that is going on. You can no longer simply relying on alternating 9/6 macros and be largely passive.



Macros are intended to make your life easier. Below are a few macros for your benefit. Please send me any macros you think maybe useful for tanking Paladins.

Quick Debuff Clearing Macro

This macro activates Divine Shield and then immediately cancels the effect. This will force almost all de-buffs and other negative effects to be removed from you and simultaneously cancel the shield so you do not lose threat for more than a moment.

/cast Divine Shield
/cancelaura Divine Shield[/CODE] [b]Righteous Defense Macro[/b] Just hover over a Party / Raid member and taunt from them.
[code]#showtooltip Righteous Defense
/cast [target=mouseover,help,nodead][help,nodead][target=targettarget,help,nodead]Righteous Defense
Cleanse Macro
#showtooltip Cleanse
/cast [target=mouseover,exists,help] Cleanse; [target=target,help] Cleanse; [target=targettarget,exists,help] Cleanse; [target=player] Cleanse; Cleanse;[/code] [b]Hand of Protection Macro[/b]
[code]#showtooltip Hand of Protection
/cast [target=mouseover,exists,help] Hand of Protection; [target=target,help] Hand of Protection; [target=targettarget,exists,help] Hand of Protection; [target=player] Hand of Protection; Hand of Protection;


==Other Resources==

I of course did not get all this myself. Below is some source material I used as well as other resources that maybe prove valuable for the advancing tank.



Thanks to Darkside, from whom I stole this post's format.

Theck for initial rotation development, glyphs, and other theory crafting related to hit/expertise and other stat values.

Whitetooth for the always useful and important combat values.

Additional thanks to Capstone, ruinok, Nich, frmorrison, Darthpred, Zaroua, BoJlk, Iol, Caldar, Wrathblood

Credit to posters in this thread for their thorough work and theory crafting; they have been cited above at relevant points.



December 2, 2010 - Profession information expanded, corrected, and updated.

November 29, 2010 - Initial updates for Cataclysm compliance including talent builds, consumables, gems, and rating caps.

November 23, 2010 - Updated for 4.0.3a compliance (mostly ability changes/links to WoW Head beta database converted to WoW Head main database).

November 17, 2010 - Updated for 4.0.3 compliance (trivial changes).

October 14, 2010 - Thread launched.

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Thread Introduction

Okay, so here's the start of what will hopefully become a very comprehensive and complete guide for Cataclysm Paladin tanking. Presently I believe I have a good start on the guide, but it's far from complete. I am open to contributions and suggestions on additions and editing.

Priority is on making sure already presented information is indeed accurate before putting up new information.

Contributing to the Field Manual

Theory crafting discussions should be saved for and discussed in the thread. As time marches on useful discussions and conclusions will be folded into the manual.

If you have specific suggestions or contributions for the manual please message me directly. Depending on the nature of the contribution I will put it up immediately. I promise to credit those who provide useful information to the manual.

If you send me something for consideration please make sure it is clear, concise, specific, and justification for it (if necessary).

There are things I would like to include eventually. The list is not comprehensive...

  • Macros (Would Like More, Low Priority)
  • Stat Weighting

This post will be used for coordinating development of the manual and once it's reached a point that I or a moderator feels it's fairly comprehensive this post will be scraped or recycled for other purposes. From that point on the manual will be updated organically as future 4.x patches roll in.

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On cooldowns: Avenging Wrath is once again usable at all times and no longer has a hidden timer associated with its use or the use of other Paladin cooldowns. In other words, we can have Avenging Wrath and Divine Shield up at the same time. It'd be also interesting for some testing to be done on how exactly the damage reduction of our different cooldowns interact with each other.

On using Word of Glory and Protector of the Innocent, I think that the combo will have limited usefulness at 80 due to the healing and the shield being mostly insignificant outside of a few specific mechanics like Soul Reaper or dragon breaths. The mechanic is however borderline broken at level 85 where a Prot Paladin can generate 2/3rd of a healer's HPS by using a CS > WoG > CS > WoG rotation. Of course the single target threat suffers a bit and AoE threat is pitiful using this rotation, but when it's possible to get a threat lead or if your group can't generate enough threat, then putting out that much self-healing is a huge boon for us and should definitely be taken into consideration when thinking about the spec's playstyle.

Glyph of Salvation should definitely be a choice, especially since it basically becomes a second Hand of Protection that works on spells.

Holy Radiance is definitely something that Prot Paladins should use as much as possible both as a self heal and as a way to help heal others. Due to out mostly infinite resource system, Paladins shouldn't be shy about pushing this button.

It should also be noted that Shield of the Righteous doesn't scale linearly and that using it with 1 or 2 Holy Power should be reserved for emergency scenarios. Although if Protector of the Innocent generates threat, using Word of Glory may generate more threat than Shield of the Righteous at 1 Holy Power against a single target.

On reaching the block cap: it should end up being far less problematic to attain the block cap without relying on mastery and avoidance from Elixirs and food buffs. The reasoning being that it would be far too much of a headache to reforge and/or regem gear based on certain fights that would demand different consumables. The other reason that losing the food buff that pushes you to the block cap could be dangerous if you get unlucky.

Also worth discussing: the value of Inquisition on multiple mobs. How many mobs, under what scenarios and at how much Holy Power should Inquisition be used.

Also the thread should be used to help keep track of which raid boss abilities work with Eye for an Eye and Pursuit of Justice.

Re-edit: Cleaned up some more.

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The tentative rotation should be listed as CS-J-CS-X-CS-SotR-(Cons) repeat where X= AS or HW and Cons is added depending if Mana allows and if the fight is stationary. (As listed in Maintankadin.)

The priority should always be given to SotR during the fight as listed. It is the biggest threat generator, assuming you have 3 HoPo for the SotR, which on the pull you most likely will not, unless you have run around killing critters with CS to build Rage...I mean HoPo.

It appears to me that Blizz has made Paladins into something more similar to Warriors and I forsee a macro coming in the near future:

/Yell Wait for I meant Sheild of the Righteous!

While it is annoying that the uniqueness of Paladins is being squashed to a certain degree it seems that with proper forsight and preperation is should be workable.

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I had that issue last night (well really bad the first night) but I think it helps for me that my other 80 is a rogue. Thus the playstyle came a bit easier. As I did several heroics I got myself into more of a rotation and it started to get better. The main thing I have with respect to runners like you said is that I feel I need to use AS for my main pack I'm on. Before I could sort of leave it on reserve as I did my rotation and then a combination of that plus taunt would work well to get mobs back to the pack. (casters especially) But as it stands now I need it on my main pack to hold aggro off high dps classes.

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Toughness is the main benefit provided by mining. It's value is slightly diminished from WotLK now that there are no longer any talents that boost STA.

See more on Mining.

We have a significant Stamina boost from Touched by the Light which we get when spec'ing Prot.

A minor edit, but I figured I'd point it out.

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First, thank you for the guide. These are major changes to the Paladin mechanics and trying to understand all the changes will take time for many people.

I only have 2 small comments. I was under the impression that CS also generated HoPo but I didn't see it listed in the generator section of the mechanics. Also, to cast SoR, you may need to have at least one HoPo, so the rotation may need to start with either CS or HoR. Was this an oversight or is my understanding incorrect? It seems that is what I experienced in ICC yesterday. I am not in the PTR at the moment and the PTR may have slightly different mechanics.

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Thank you for the feedback thus far everyone. Stuff that is quick to correct I've been correcting as I get it; some people are giving me more detailed information to put in and I have a scratch sheet that I'm keeping that on so I can sort through it and process it for publication in the manual. Please keep checking this post to see the to do list of stuff that I'm looking for. I'll be working with malthrin soon in order to build a new FAQ similar to the 3.3.5 FAQ that is now obsolete but not until the field manual has developed a bit more.

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It may be helpful for those confused tankadins reading this to understand that the SoR>all priority system only applies for 3xHoPo SoR's. Perhaps a small asterisk somewhere noting that would be beneficial. Anything below 3xHoPo has been found to be a significant DPS/TPS loss even when Sacred Duty is procced.

Regarding 4.0.1 Reforging, the logic so far has been to trade Dodge and Parry for Mastery such that you take advantage of counter-acting the DR's on both the avoidance stats, effectively trading them for physical damage mitigation via block, which if I recall correctly does not suffer from diminishing returns.

No hard math has been done on the subject as of yet over at Maintankadin, but I'm sure it is forthcoming.

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Thoughts on maybe concentrating on level 80 info for now, since we have a Cata discussion thread?

Whitetooth has been busily updating his Combat Rating thread so you could tap that for specifics if you want. With dodge being yellow and agility no longer providing armor, it seems that parry/stam will be the gem of choice for matching red socket bonuses.

The value of dodge vs parry vs mastery seems to be very even; I don't think DR mechanics apply to mastery, which means that relative value will probably depend on your gear. I tried reforging extensively to mastery yesterday in my mixed 264/277 gear; the result was a net gain of .11% towards the block cap -- unfortunately this included 24 of my mastery rating coming from reforged hit. In other words, reforging avoidance for mastery was a complete wash for me, with the only result being possibly somewhat less spiky incoming damage.

From what I've been able to determine there has been no change in the mitigation formula for armor; it should still be as highly desired as before, just not as easily obtained. :(

On expertise: I've not come across any definitive answer as yet to whether parry-haste is in the game at all anymore.

On a side note, I felt squishier on our first 4.0.1 foray into heroic ICC25. To be fair, the main stress test was LDW where I tank adds during the second phase; I did spend a lot more time than usual at rather low health, but I probably didn't manage my CDs as well as I should have, given DP's short cooldown -- not to mention all the DPS and healers are having to adjust to new mechanics as well.

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Until firmer numbers are available that suggest it just won't work, putting up information on a WoG-centric build (specs and glyphing) might be useful, perhaps as a 2nd spec. WoG provides both survivability and additional AoE threat at a cost of single target threat and dps. For a tank that is currently shaping up to be relatively fragile, that's an attractive trade-off as long as the single target threat doesn't drop below minimum viable levels.

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"The talent will provide a 15% bonus to block when Shield of the Righteous is activated. See below for more information regarding the rotation."

This "more information" as it relates to Holy Shield isn't included. Additionally, the Guarded by the Light talent gives the Holy Shield bonus after using WoG, too, and should probably be mentioned in the talent description.

As far as the tanking rotation: I've found it worth 'burning' a charge of Holy Power on WoG or SotR early in the pull in order to get Holy Shield up. The other option is to "save" the holy power until as close to the next pull as possible, and use WoG to shield yourself and gain Holy Shield. This allows you to enter the pull with a self-shield and then stack 3 Holy Power before needing to SotR or WoG to refresh Holy Shield.

Good work.

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I'd disagree that any hit over the melee cap is wasted. While it does provides very little threat, it still is required to cap our taunts (assuming they are still spells). With the removal of the glyph of righteous defence, hit rating is now the only way to achieve this.

By my napkin math, a melee hit capped lvl 80 paladin would only need ~43 hit ratting to cap his taunts also (and about 166 at 85 going by Whitetooth's numbers).

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I reforged to mastery to get to the cap (at least what I think the cap is ^^). Despite the huge losses in Armor (~9k) I didn't feel squishy at all.

Dodge/Parry is heavily into DRs anyway, so not only did it give me effective health but also a bit less damage taken overall. (6% avoidance and some hit/exp lost for 26% block IIRC)

22% dodge, 20% parry, 42% block through mastery, 15% block through Holy Shield, 5% miss (bosses do still miss despite the removal of defense, right?) is 104% without raidbuffs (more than I need, but I wanted to be safe on the first raid :x) This is in mostly 277 gear.

When the buff to our mastery goes live (24%/3% per mastery), it should definitely be possible (and possibly recommended?) to cap mastery early in cataclysm.

I did miss the big CD, though. 20% doesn't really help when you're in big trouble. GotAK on lvl 85 solves that problem of course.

The real tests (LK and Halion) are planned for monday. Our DK tank (not into mastery yet) got roflstomped on LK today even without Soul Reaper. I hope I can do better.

//EDIT: Thanks for the good work of course :>

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Why is CS always listed as a key ability for us?

Against the boss dummy, my CS was hitting for about 1.2k (all physical) while my HoR was hitting for about 400 physical and 1k holy.

Shouldn't we choose HoR over CS even against single targets?

I've been only in heroics after the patch, but I found it easier to hold threat on multiple targets spamming AS after GC procs, regardless of the charges of HoPo I had.

My rotation against multiple targets is:

[AS -> HoR]* -> Jud -> SoR, with Holy Wrath and Consecration in between cds.

Yesterday I was able to spam AS and HoR six time in a row with GC procs, quickly raising my threat against three targets at the same time and preventing spell casts thanks to AS silence.

I know I wasted 3 charges of HoPo doing that, but I think it was well worth it.

I'd also suggest using Avenging Wrath before pulling multiple targets to maximize your initial threat. With the 2 minute cooldown, we should be able to use Avenging Wrath every other pull in Cata.

Some other changes I noticed:

  • I had problems using melee range spells, like HoR or SoR. It seems their range is shorter, making it harder to handle several mobs at the same time.
  • AS jumping range was increased.
  • Apparently tanks are no longer immune to daze. (I got dazed by trash mobs after a mass fear effect)
  • Overall dps is fairly lower. I wasn't using any addons, but according to someone's else recount my dps was around 2.5k, about half of the dps I was doing on heroics before the patch. (It might be my rotation though)
  • Despite our larger health pools, we definitely lost some survivability.
    Doing a heroic HoL I died at the stone elementals on the way to the second boss (I can't even remember the last time they were able to even scratch my HP) and the healer actually had to heal me when I stood on the sparks on the third boss.

I don't know if any of these changes are intended or permanent.

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I'd disagree that any hit over the melee cap is wasted. While it does provides very little threat, it still is required to cap our taunts (assuming they are still spells).

Taunts are now capped if you're melee capped. It's built into your spec.

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Where do you recommend stopping at as far as reforging. Currently, I have 22.96 dodge, 20.39 parry, and 44.13 Block. With the 15% block value from Holy Shield, I am at 102.48 combined without taking into account any boss miss chance. Anyone have any idea how DR is going to affect these calculations in longer boss fights? Are we going to be better off pushing avoidances way above the minimum in order to mitigate the DR factor or should we be looking to hold a standard 102.4 avoidance?

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The profession section needs more information:

For Alchemy, you normally get 25% of the flask's benefit and an extra hour duration. Currently, 300 stamina so you get 80 stamina bonus (it should be 120 stamina bonus, so either the flask is going to be buffed or it will not follow the rule).

For Engineering, the profession benefit is you get to use the Belt and Glove enchants on top of other enchants. So you get Grounded Plasma Shield which gives an average 18k absorb (unsure of cooldown) and Quickflip Deflection Plates (1500 armor for 12 seconds/every minute for an average of 300 armor).

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Taunts are now capped if you're melee capped. It's built into your spec.

*In a raid environment with a spell hit debuff applied.

More specifically, when Melee hit capped, you have a total of 15.5% spell hit (including our 6% bonus). You still need a bit more to cap taunt, unfortunately.

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As a fun side-note, taunts appear to be pseudo-melee attacks now. Whilst doing our weekly Yogg+0 run I noticed I could interrupt the crusher tentacles' Diminish Power with hand of reckoning alone. This would also indicate that taunt is probably running off of the melee hit table.

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Thanks for the work in the first place :)

I have to say something more so...

Righteous Fury - This ability remains unchanged from before by greatly increasing your threat generated, however Blizzard has been nice enough to remind Paladins in the tooltip that this ability makes you a better tank.

Not fully correct. It has effect only on Holy spells before and now...

Righteous Fury now increases all threat generation instead of affecting just Holy spells.

It's a buff for the RF.

The ability priority for single target tanking is as follows:

Shield of the Righteous > Crusader Strike > Judgement > Avenger's Shield* > Consecration > Holy Wrath

For area tanking the following priorities are used (this is a proposed rotation for now):

Shield of the Righteous > Hammer of the Righteous > Judgement > Consecration > Holy Wrath

* This is assumed AS has been glyphed for single target.

AS is still a good threat increase even on single target without a glyph, especially with GC proc and no other buttons to hit.

Also as mentioned before me you'll need at least 1 HoPo to use SotR so i see opening as Judgment/AS -> CS/HotR -> SotR. Exception is when you'll pull just after previous pack with some HoPo left.

I also feel [Glyph of Holy Wrath] will be an option to the major glyphs for crowd control because of lots of elementals and dragons in the new content (Ragnaros minions and so on). Before Cataclysm hits it is useless but it may have its place in future.

Pursuit of Justice feels more like PvP/optional talent even with the HoPo generation. There is not so much bosses with Sutn, Fear and Immobilize effects in WotLK content and I even didn't noticed a lot of them in Cata instances previews for now. Eternal Glory for a chance of WoG+SotR combo maybe, it's optional too.

Glyph of Salvation should definitely be a choice, especially since it basically becomes a second Hand of Protection that works on spells.

That's not quite correct. Glyph's tooltip says "Hand of Salvation no longer permanently reduces threat over time but instead reduces all threat as long as Hand of Salvation lasts." For me it looks like returning to old "Blessing of Salvation" variant with much lower working time but not HoP. Hand of Protection defends from physical damage and prevents from using physical attacks, not reducing threat anyway. And also Glyph or Hand itself doesn't make casting unavaliable.

But still yes, this glyph can be a choice. Just need some tests to be sure.

Why is CS always listed as a key ability for us?

Against the boss dummy, my CS was hitting for about 1.2k (all physical) while my HoR was hitting for about 400 physical and 1k holy.

Shouldn't we choose HoR over CS even against single targets?

I have 1.7k CS and 1.4k HotR against single target. Are you sure about your numbers?

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The 5% Block Value meta (Eternal Shadowspirit Diamond, 81 stam 5% block value, requires 3 blue gems) increases our block value to 31% of the total damage dealt, which should make it the meta gem of choice for us. The only fights where the 2% armor meta could be considered on par is on fights where there is unblockable physical damage mitigated by armor.

The new Effulfgent meta - 2% spell damage reduction - now functions properly, making it a worthy choice for encounters where the elemental damage is more dangerous than than melee attacks.

The mastery change went live on beta and it is ridiculously easy to cap out on block in 333/346 gear. In other words, it'll be possible to enter the first Cata raid instance with 26-27% avoidance plus the block cap and 60%DR from armor.

The downside to all this is that we'll end up stacking avoidance and armor, which in the end making our mastery terribly dull because it has such a ludicrously low cap ceiling.

Edit: Apparently I either made some basic mistake/am stupid or this got changed, but in any case the 5% block value meta pushes block to 31% of the total damage.

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i was wondering what everyone's thoughts on Reckoning and Judgements of the Pure. seems to me that Judgments�*of the Pure's haste buff works very well with Reckoning.�*faster haste = moar threat and an extra attack is always nice. has anyone run some numbers on this? i am spec'd for it at the moment and i want to make sure i'm not a complete baddy. thanks guys. love the site!

Theck's initial sim which was run from numbers/data gathered in the last two weeks puts JotP as 3rd worst for threat.

Check here for his method and explanation.

Regarding an earlier post comparing the two HoPo generating abilities, it should be noted that our single target rotation should always be focused on CS rather than HotR due to the fact that CS just hit harder on a single target than HotR. From there, the rotation is pretty static assuming you're prioritizing your abilities correctly and depending on what you have glyphed/talented.

The AoE rotation is a bit more fluid, especially if you are accounting for GrC procs. If the goal is to have the most threat on the most targets at the same time, then yeah, you're not going to adhere to the strict HotR, J, HotR, X, HotR, ShoR. GrC procs will most likely be prioritized for utility in snagging stray adds or supplementing threat on various targets that have not received as much damage from you as others.

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Comments from the peanut gallery:

1) As Darthpred mentioned, unglyphed AS is still better than Holy Wrath or Consecration for single targets. If mana isn't an issue, Cons does more damage than Holy Wrath thanks to AP scaling and Vengeance. For a single-target scenario, ShoR>CS>J>AS>Cons>HW would probably be the ideal queue, using Consecration only if mana permits. I'd also glyph Consecration for single targets if using that system, as the cooldown increase is irrelevant on a 9-second cycle.

2) I haven't worked out the numbers for AoE rotations yet, hopefully I'll get to it soon. From tinkering around in heroics, my impression is that it will turn out to be HotR>AS(unglyphed)>HW>Cons>J>ShoR. I don't know that it's going to be that strict though, as AoE tanking right now is very reactive; it can be better to use abilities based on the situation (e.g. breaking rotation to ShoR a mob you've just lost aggro on).

Once Inquisition opens up at 81, it will likely go to the front of the queue. Also note that as of yesterday, Crusade is bugged and not affecting Hammer of the Righteous (either portion), and the T10 2-piece bonus is not affecting the Holy portion. Both of those make AoE tanking a lot dicier.

3) RE: talent specs, your "Guardian" spec has 2/2 Hallowed Ground and 0/2 Reckoning. Consecration is such a weak part of our single-target rotation that HG is not a significant DPS increase, while each point of Reckoning is around 100 DPS if reforging to reach block cap. My experience so far is that Hallowed Ground is simply unnecessary for either single-target or AoE tanking. I could see someone making an argument for 1/2 in it to make mana usage less tight, though not at the expense of Reckoning (likely by dropping one point out of Improved Judgements at 80).

I have a fairly thorough talent spec guide up over at maintankadin that has some heavy survival (i.e. WoG and HMLK) builds in it, feel free to steal them if you like.

4) Glyphs: You left Glyph of Crusader Strike off of the list, though it's anemic enough that nobody will miss it. SoT/ShoR are the big two from a threat perspective, I run with HotR as my third since our AoE threat can use all the help it can get, and the other single-target options (Judgement and CS) are both weak. Note that those calculations are not including the recent buffs to Retribution - I'm hoping to re-run those simulations this weekend with the updated coefficients.

<edit> And as always, if you have questions or specific numbers that you'd like crunched for the guide, just send me a PM and I'll do what I can.

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