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Fury DPS: 4.0 and Cataclysm

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Hi, I'm a prot warrior OT, trying to maximize my dps for Hagara. Fury seems better by quite a bit because of the burst, but I can't decide between SMF or TG. I have access to N Gurth/H Slicer and N Souldrinker/N No'Kaled/H Hand of Morchok. Given the problems expressed earlier in this thread, I don't really trust simcraft. Feel free to add advice as far as TG/SMF.

The reason I'm posting is that I'm not sure whether Souldrinker was rated accounting for the extra HP with Rallying Cry/Blood DK 4 set. Does Rallying Cry put N SD above N No'kaled or H HoM? Obviously assuming you didn't need Rallying Cry for saving the raid, should it be used with damage CDs or whenever it comes back up?

EDIT: I'm willing to do some tests to find out, but I'm not sure about the best way to test this sort of thing, RNG and all. Any suggestions?

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Armsaun, I think I've tried it all and here are my suggestions (not just for haggara, but in general):

Go for N Gurth/H Slicer. 2x H HoM are comparable, may be better for fights where the gurth procs would not be very helpful like Haggara or Spine. N nokaled/ h HoM pair is more or less ok too.

After all, fury spec is not so weapon dependent as arms.

And forget about souldrinker. nothing would put it anywhere near H HoM or even nokaled.

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I suppose I could've just done some quick math, had it occurred to me at the time.

Here's the math for those who care:

Heroic Souldrinker - 1.7% of max HP (~165k) is 2800 damage per proc. Even with rallying cry and HP/DPS buffs from madness, you can barely get a 5k proc.

LFR No'Kaled - 6781-10171 per proc.

Both are reported as having a 15% proc rate with no ICD.

SD loses to HoM within every tier because the stats are more valuable than the proc (15% chance of 2800 damage).

SD also loses to HoM of the next tier higher because the extra ilvl gives higher base weapon damage.

Were Souldrinker's proc actually useful, rallying cry could be used to boost dps; as is, you should use any other weapon or just respec to TG.

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