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Guild banks in TBC

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I'm curious how other guilds have been handling this.

Before TBC, the guild bank (if you had one) was fairly easy to keep full, a lot of random blue drops from bosses like nef/onyxia/etc, selling purple loot rights from BWL to others, etc. We never had much trouble earning money for the guild bank, which it could then spent on much needed flasks and other consumables.

Now, things are a bit different. Gold doens't have the same value it used to have, so the guild bank's gold supply doesn't really last that long without an income to keep it going. Flask use is also a lot more common than it used to be. Naxx introduced us to heavy consumable use, TBC for the most part made these consumables easier to get, but didn't cut back on the use really.

So I'm wondering how other guilds handle this. Do you use a guild bank to supply anything for your members, or do you make them farm everything themselves? If you use a guild bank, how do you earn money to keep it going?

Personally, I feel people should get their own consumables, however tanks need help. Tanks are almost always the first to pop consumables, and have to pop consumables throughout the entire learning process while we get execution down, until we call the full consumable run for everybody and try to get a kill. I don't think it's fair that tanks should carry the burder of providing all those extra consumables by themselves, which is where the guild bank comes in. Problem is, our guild bank money would probably last us a few months at most, and after that, unless there is some form of income, it would be completely dry.

We have been discussing some options of how to deal with that, such as having a monthly fee, selling void crystals (currently not an option, not enough purples are melting yet and we don't have a large supply), or keeping the money from boss kills (Although I don't think there is any way for only one person to loot the gold from bosses, I could be wrong), but we're still looking at our options.

So I'm curious, how do other guilds deal with this? I recall there being topics about this before TBC, but things have changed a bit since then.

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Argh I even did a search and didn't find that one, with the same name and close to the same content as my post too. Can delete/shit heap this post, that one basically covers it.


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