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Jubei'thos [H] <Genesis> 12/12 ICC25HM Recruiting for Cata

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Genesis Movie

Most of you are all probably bored by now with recruitment posts and guilds trying to sell themselves. Well this post is no different EXCEPT for the fact we have made a recruitment movie! This is more of a 'serious' movie showcasting our past achievements and future goals. I will collect some clips for a more light hearted movie and look into our raiding fun times.


YouTube - Genesis of Jubei-Thos WoW Recruitment Movie

About Us

Genesis was formed in May 2006 with the aim to be a server first PVE progression guild with top 50 US and top 5 Oceanic guild rankings. Our guild has always had the reputation of being a premier PVE guild on the server with many server and horde firsts during our time. Genesis is looking for exceptional players for Cataclysm who know how to play their role in raids, but also know how to fit into the raid and guild as a whole. You should know your surroundings in fights and not just have tunnel vision by healing one target or spamming fireballs. We fail many trials not because of a bad attitude or bad dps, but because of tunnel vision and bad situational awareness.

The raiding environment is a very friendly and professional atmosphere, the guild knows when to put its gameface on with hard fights and first boss kills, but has fun with good banter during the easy stuff. This makes raiding with us a great mix of fun, seriousness and competitive gaming, but at the same time not being boring, too tight or unprofessional. We are also looking for mature players, the average age of the guild is 22 years old, and our officer’s average age is 24 so we have a minimum age requirement of 18 years of age.

Why choose Genesis?

- Genesis was formed in May 2006, having the same leader and many of the same officers/core members for a long period of time. Guild hoppers aren't very common in Genesis, and when people quit they usually leave to join friend’s guilds or quit the game.

- Many Genesis members will be taking time off work/uni etc. when Cataclysm is released as we aim to be the number one PVE guild on the server.

- Proven PVE track record. Clearing everything up to Gothik in Vanilla Naxx, many 'hard mode' boss kills such as Gruul 2.0 hard mode, killing C'Thun in 2 days, Lich King 25 Heroic, Halion 25 Heroic. We prove we can get the job done and get it done fast with many server, faction and even an oceanic first.

- The average age of the guild is 22 years old, and our officer’s average age is 24. We are older and more mature than the majority of guilds and this reflects in our positive raiding environment.

- Exceptional players. We only recruit exceptional players, so we filter and fail many of our trials if they do not meet the correct criteria.

Forum Upgrade

We have recently upgraded our forums, so all our applications are private applications. Only the poster and guild members, can see their own thread. Registered users and guests cannot see any threads, so this puts some security on your application while creating an open dialogue with the guild.


The average officer age is 24 and we are all mature and capable leaders. Deucey has been the guild leader since the beginning of the guild in May 2006, before that he was a member of a top PVE guild on blackrock. Hardcore and competitive gaming is very much a part of this guild, with many members ex competitive RTS and FPS gamers online and at LANs.

Please talk to an Officer in game or via a PM on the forums if you have any questions about your application either before or after you apply.

Deucey - Guild Master since May 2006

Gentlemen - Officer since May 2006

Maj - Officer since May 2006

Nahdont - Previously guild master of the alliance guild Fade.

Notoriouz - Previously an officer of guilds on Frostmourne.

Raid Times (GMT +10 Sydney time)

Wednesday - 7:30-11:30pm

Thursday - 7:30-11:30pm

Sunday - 7:30-11:30pm

Monday - 7:30-11:30pm

Currently we are only raiding four days a week, with the other days used for fun alt runs, achievement runs, GDKP etc. In Cataclysm we will explore the option of raiding on Fridays as well.

If you have any questions please contact an officer in game, via the forums at Genesis

We are also selling mounts, loots and whatnot, check out our other realm forum thread or send any officer an in game message.

Cheers all.

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