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Target For Me 2 (beta, could use feedback)

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Hey all,

I've completely rewritten my TargetForMe mod with a load of new options and ability for users to customise macros.

If you hadn't heard of the first version, it was a simple mod that stored a targeting macro for each boss. When you reach that boss, it swapped the text of that macro in and you had the correct macro. This meant that you only needed to occupy one slot in your macro book and could keep the same macro bound on your bars/keys.

It's up on as a beta release currently (I've only added macros for Icecrown Citadel and a couple of Cataclysm 5-mans), but I could do with some feedback on how well it works and ideas for targeting macros.

The biggest changes are:

1. You can now customise the targetting macro for each boss to EXACTLY what you want.

2. You can also store a utility macro for each boss, to handle stuff other than targetting (or a secondary targetting macro).

3. Targetting macros defined by role. You're melee dps? Your targeting requirements will be different to the mage next to you and that's cool, the mod knows you're melee and gives you the melee targeting macro. The mage? he'll get a ranged version of the targeting priority.

4. Add spells/abilities onto the macro. Just define /cast Fireball etc and it will be automatically added to the macro for you. You can define a different spell/ability for each spec too.

Target For Me 2 - Addons - Curse




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I have tried TFM2 4.0.1d for several days but it doesn't work for me. The macro "_TFMTarget" was created at startup but it still consist "/s Test" and won't be rewritten on TFM2 supported bosses. I tried it for an complete ICC run and the macro wasn't rewritten.

Maybe I missing something, but the old TFM was working fine and there was nothing special todo.

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