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The main focus of this tight knit guild is to progress in the upcoming expansion of Cataclysm. In the newest edition of this game we all love so much they are changing many things. The biggest change of all, for those us that raid is the 10 and 25 man raid lockout is the same. Meaning we have to choose to run 10s or 25s, which is a relief to most because running the same dungeon multiple times per week will definitely burn out even the most resilient of raiders. With this being said, all of our current members have chosen to part ways with our 25 man guilds and come together and focus on the 10s in Cataclysm.

Who we are

A little overview of who you will be raiding with, if you choose to apply and raid with us. Multiple Perseverance raiders have been playing this game since its release, and are well rounded on pretty much anything Blizzard decides to throw at us. We are proud to have multiple "Light of Dawns" within our ranks, and if anyone takes good old Scrublord serious, a "Scarab Lord". =)

You will be pushed to play at a higher level, and for most that's what they need. Sitting on top of recount /skada every night without even trying isn't fun for anyone for too long. Being a 10 man guild, its much more important that you push yourself as to not hold back those other 9 players giving it their all.

We highly encourage alts. We do alt runs on offnights(friday/saturday) and we really can't tell what future encounters in cataclysm will bring. I can assure you that if you do not have an alt, you won't enjoy this guild as much.

Why join us?

Here are some of the perks our raiders get:

-500g repair limit

-Consumables are provided for(Flasks/pots)

What happens when you join?

You're thrown directly into the fire with us. I feel the best way to determine a player's skill is to see how well he reacts under pressure. And believe you me, being joining a new guild, and hitting 11/12 HMs in 90 minutes is fairly stressful.

__________________________________________________ ______________________________


12/12 Hardmode Icecrown Citadel on Farm

Hallion Hardmode on Farm

Cataclysm Focus

Progression, progression, progression.

Whatever is current, we will strive to defeat "pre nerf".

Gear just comes with the territory.

Current Available Raid Spots

Class specific

Hunter - Medium

Blood DK - Low

Let me also add here that if you are an amazing player, don't be deterred by what our current recruitment needs are. We welcome all exceptional players to apply when looking for a guild like ours. Well rounded players, who are viable on alts is something important to us. Thanks

Raid Schedule

Wednesday 8pm -12am Server

Thursday 8pm - 12am Server

Monday 8pm - 10pm Server (Cleanup)

__________________________________________________ ______________________________

.:::Contact Info:::.

Please, contact C�*rnage, Baileigh, Gerloth, or hell, anyone with our guild tag.

Thanks for your time, if your interested here is the website! Cata's nearly a month away

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