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[Horde][Ner'zhul] <Vitality> 12/12 HM ICC25, LFM DPS + Healers!

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Our Raid Schedule


Monday - Thursday (4 Day Raiding Schedule)


Raid invites begin at 6:30pm PST Monday - Thursday, with the first pull commencing by 7:00pm PST. Our raids end by 11:00pm PST.

While we officially remain on a 4 day raiding schedule, with all of heroic ICC on farm status, we will be done early on most days.

Our Achievement List

Twenty-Five Man

Heroic Icecrown Citadel: 12 of 12

  • Five Shadowmournes
  • Icebound Frostwyrm

Heroic Trial of the Grand Crusader: 5 of 5

  • Tribute to Insanity

Hard Mode Ulduar: 9 of 9
  • Four Val'anyrs
  • Ironbound Protodrake
  • Algalon


Stats and Achievements

  • 11 of the 12 hard mode encounters in ICC
  • Bloodbathed Frostwyrm, Rusted and Plagued Proto-Drake
  • Tribute of Insanity and Dedicated Insanity

Our YouTube Page

Pay a visit to our YouTube page to see us in action: YouTube - VitalityGuild's Channel

What We are Currently Working On

Getting ready for Cataclysm

Heroic Halion

What Classes/Specs are We Recruiting?

Do you want to experience content, but are unable to commit to our full time raid schedule? Well, unlike most guilds, we are currently recruiting for part time raiders! If you are interested in a part time postion, please continue to Part Time Raider Postiions.

Core Raider Positions

We are looking for the following classes/specs complete our full time raider core raid roster for Cataclysm!


Enhancement Shaman


Shadow Priest






Part Time Raider Positions

We are looking for the following classes/specs complete our part time raid roster for Cataclysm!

Part Time postions are currently available for all classes of any specialization

If your spec is not listed above, we are always looking for exceptional players to round out our raiding roster, so if you think you have what it takes, please do not feel turned away.

About Vitality and Our Server

Vitality is a high end raiding guild on one of World of Warcraft's oldest servers - Ner'zhul. Our server Ner'zhul is part of the famous "BG 9" server cluster. While famous for it's highly competitive PvP, "BG 9" also features a large assortment of high end raiding guilds for a healthy, dynamic, and competitive atmosphere that other server clusters lack.

Vitality's core members have been raiding together for a long time, over four years. The guild itself has existed since 2007. We offer a professional, but comfortable raid environment. We do not tolerate people who regularly act like a douche or asshole. Because of this, we don't do negative name calling thing when someone makes a mistake. That does not mean you as a player can play poorly however. You will be replaced and fail your trial if your performance is sub-par.

We also have a large turnout for Blizzcon every year unlike most guilds. If you plan to come for 2011, be ready for the guild party!

What We Expect from You, the Applicant

Experience and Skill

What we are looking for here:

  • Some heroic mode experience
  • Knows the mechanics of their class
  • Able to adapt to changes in strategy during a boss battle
  • Fast learner

We are looking for players who know most of the Icecrown Citadel fights on heroic mode. Applicants need to have some experience with Icecrown Citadel heroic fights. Vanilla/Burning Crusade raiding experience is a bonus. We want players who know what they are doing. We expect them to be well informed of how to play their class, and to be able to adapt to changing situations during any given boss battle.

Gear: Real Life and Otherwise

What we are looking for here:

  • Core and Part Time Raider gear score of at least 6000
  • Properly gemmed and enchanted
  • Willing to regem your gear if we need you to play another spec with bank assistance
  • A computer that can handle 25 man raiding, and not lag out even during intense AoE
  • A stable internet connection

We are looking for players who have at least tier 10 (item level 264 and above) level gear, hard mode gear is a large bonus. We want players who have a computer they can raid smoothly on. Internet connection is important too, applicants who constantly disconnect will be replaced. And eventually fail their trial.


What we are looking for here:

  • Friendly individual
  • Team player
  • Active forum participation
  • Able to take criticism

Our applicants should be communicative individuals who respond well to their leaders and their peers. We are looking for players who are raid oriented and will do whatever the raid requires of them to progress through game content and meet our objectives. The ability to give and receive criticism is required.


What we are looking for here:

  • Someone who posts out at least 24 hours in advance of when they will not be able to raid

We expect our members to be able to communicate on the guild forums when they will be absent in advance. This is very important!

What to Expect from Us
In return, Vitality offers it's members many benefits:
  • Friendly atmosphere
  • Professional guild website and forum
  • Guild repairs on progression fights
  • Efficient clearing of farmed content. We also do a Guild exclusive VoA clear every week
  • We have some people who like to PvP
  • Large Blizzcon turnout + party
  • Progression and attaining hard and normal mode achievements
  • 24/7 access to Ventrilo
  • Fair distribution of loot via our years old loot council system
  • Boss kill videos of interesting fights
  • People to play Starcraft II with

Oh, and One Last Note...

We believe that progressing as a group through game content should be done in an organized and efficient, but also comfortable environment that is conductive for enjoying each other's company and most importantly, having fun. This is the Vitality way.

If you have any questions before creating your application to Vitality, please do not hesitate to contact either Rentt, Robeh, Veldefice, or Nasi in game. We will be happy to answer any additional questions that you have!

Feel welcome to explore our website [Please Click Here] to learn more about us and to fill out an application. Please say you came from for bonus points!

Good Luck,


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