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In my experience the fire ele spec is situational and also quite gear dependent. I was seeing a simmed dps gain of almost 1500 at one point while gearing this tier but the benefits are much smaller now. You will have to sim your own gear and decide if you feel it is worth it because there are some quality of life issues with the spec.

1. If you are wiping quickly and rerunning, 1/2 of your progress attempts will have you doing garbage dps without the elem - pretty frustrating.

2. 15% movement speed is as Jessamy says far better than it looks for surviving and positioning yourself well to dps effectively.

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The only fight I would consider that spec on is Ultraxion, which is also the only fight I switch out Unleashed Lightning for the FE glyph. Sims I ran on my own gear showed a ~150DPS gain on a Patchwerk fight, which would suggest to me that the QoL issues Jessamy and Shaamah mentioned would likely burn up that tiny gain on any fight where you were not standing still.

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Rolling Thunder and Elemental Overload have a lower chance to proc per target for Chain Lightning than for Lightning Bolt. If you have adds to bounce to and gain more proc chances from, then yes CL does more damage to your main target than LB does.

I was confused that Jessamy mentioned Rolling Thunder in this case both in this thread and in Simple questions, because the wording of the talent seems to be exact about 60% chance for both LB and CL. So I decided to run some tests on a target dummy. Here are the results:

[TABLE]Spell name|# of casts|Overloads|Rolling Thunder|Rolling Thunder %
















Each row represents separate attempt. In each attempt I casted 40 times, then checked actual number of spell hits using Recount (thus calculating number of Overloads) and then counted Rolling Thunder procs in combat log.

Judging by results CL does not have a lower chance to proc Rolling Thunder on single target. It even ended up to be higher for CL than for LB but this can probably be attributed to RNG.

Chance to proc an Overload is indeed noticeably lower.

This should not change the overall conclusion about LB vs CL but I was curious about reasoning.

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