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Cataclysm Tanking/Protection Field Manual :: Updated Feb 9, 2011 (4.0.6)

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That said, I think that the new HS will actually make it easier for me to pay attention to other things. I frequently get into a situation where I want to use a cooldown, but have to quickly run through my options and remind myself what I'm "allowed" to use and what's reserved for boss mechanics later in the fight. Now I'll have to do that less often, because I'll be able to mash Holy Shield without thinking too hard.

I really agree with this. I think the HS shield change isn't necessarily bad, but we cannot kid ourselves into thinking this is making our mastery more active, nor is it about "fixing" Divine Bulwark's cap. Yes, HS benefits from mastery (and as far as blocking goes it is just another CD like DP or AD) but as many people have pointed out, it changes nothing about how much we value mastery or removing a cap to mastery.

The HS shield change, in my opinion and has been stated earlier, is to increase overall damage and make tanking more "active". Also, I'd be careful to say that the line is subjective, I think "fuzzy" is a better term in that in some fights a more active tanking style will be more acceptable than in other fights. The point is that if Blizz is serious about changing mastery (so that we can benefit from it past a cap) to an "active" component, then that change may easily push that "line" to over active.

I think a lot of this comes down to semantics, but I truly worry about problems of tanking becoming too active. I think a short CD like HS is good for the reasons that I quoted you for, but if they keep adding more "active" abilities...

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