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Stat Weights: Providing Presets to Wowhead

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Prelude: Permission Granted

Boethius has given me permission to request the aid of the avid users of EJ to help keep Wowhead's stat weight presets up to date.

Call to Action: Stat Weight Updates

For those who may not know, Wowhead allows users to filter item lists based on weights given to stats so that you can find the items most relevant to your class and specialization. However, with each patch, the importance of these various stats changes pretty regularly. Having been a lurker on EJ for some time to check out which specs are generating the best DPS for my characters, I've seen various class theorycrafters post stat numbers they calculated through various means.

I'd like to speak with any of the various theorycrafters who generate these stat weight tables about notifying me when new numbers have been generated so we can apply them to our stats weight tool on Wowhead. Anyone who is interested in helping can contact me via PM on EJ. I'll also check in on this thread regularly for anyone preferring to discuss or post stat weights via this thread. I appreciate any and all assistance that the members of EJ are willing to provide in this endeavor.

In an effort to give back to the community, I'll be keeping the table below up-to-date as I receive new information. Anyone interested in the same information will be able to see at a glance which class/spec combinations are updated and which ones are not. I realize there are threads where people have posted lists of stats in the order they feel should be your priority, but I'm more interested in more specific numbers for the purposes of this exercise. In situations where I have found "priorities" but not actual weights, I have included sources below but still mark the spec as not up-to-date.


[TABLE=head]Class | Spec | Last Updated | Source

Death Knight | Blood | N/A | GravityDK

Death Knight | Frost | 06 DEC 2010 | Consider

Death Knight | Unholy | 06 DEC 2010 | Consider

Druid | Balance | N/A | Hamlet

Druid | Feral (Bear) | 01 DEC 2010 | Delritha

Druid | Feral (Cat) | 14 DEC 2010 | Kalbear (PM), based on Alaron's weights from MEW

Druid | Restoration | N/A | Hamlet

Hunter | Beast Mastery | N/A | Nooska

Hunter | Marksmanship | N/A | Whitefyst

Hunter | Survival | N/A | Esoth

Mage | Arcane | N/A |

Mage | Fire | 20 JAN 2011 | Tyrian

Mage | Frost | N/A |

Paladin | Holy | 24 JAN 2011 | Nodrak

Paladin | Protection | N/A | emptyrepublic

Paladin | Retribution | 18 JAN 2011 | Exemplar

Priest | Discipline | 18 JAN 2011 | Rosin

Priest | Holy | N/A | Rosin

Priest | Shadow | 24 JAN 2011 | Siawyn

Rogue | Assassination | 02 DEC 2010 | Aldriana

Rogue | Combat | 02 DEC 2010 | Aldriana

Rogue | Subtlety | 02 DEC 2010 | Aldriana

Shaman | Elemental | N/A | masanbol

Shaman | Enhancement | 14 DEC 2010 | Rouncer (PM) (Cochice's Thread)

Shaman | Restoration | 14 DEC 2010 | Jessamy (PM)

Warlock | Affliction | 18 JAN 2011 | SimulationCraft

Warlock | Demonology | 18 JAN 2011 | SimulationCraft

Warlock | Destruction | 18 JAN 2011 | SimulationCraft

Warrior | Arms | N/A |

Warrior | Fury | N/A |

Warrior | Protection| N/A | Scorned


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Just an update, our stat weights are now greatly out-of-date with the latest post-Cataclysm changes and we are definitely looking for feedback towards updating them to more practical and balanced scales. If any of you have any specific information regarding restructuring scales and/or any proposed changes please do not hesitate to email us at!

We'll be working more over the upcoming weeks on updating these scales as effectively as possible to meet expectations and current game balance. Thanks in advance. :)

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