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I´m usually on grip duty 2 and have no problem with that. I just kill the corruption while the amalgamation is exploding, so there will be no grip during tendon phase. You can easily manage to have BA and ES out of CD for the tendon. I have a macro for SrS with /tar Burning Tendon at start, so I can actually spam it and make it sure there´s no time loss. I do not apply mark. (though there is no strong theorycrafting about if its better or not to use it, it has been pointed somewhere in the hunter forums that it might not be worth the GCD unless there are 2 hunters).

You can also save the 4pc procc untill the tendon, but that may be difficult if you are on grip duty. For the first plate I use all CDs but pot, for the second pot+ blood fury, for the third everything again plus BL. Agi on use trinket in every plate. You should do fine if you can manage 1KK damage for every exposure, for example I can do anything between 1kk and 1.5kk in 404 ilvl. If you need a more steady output, you can try BM, it`s on par with SV if not superior for tendons, but worse for grip duty.

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For more spine damage, don't forget you can:

Use CotW on four different pets for every tendon that comes up. Tendon 1, use pet 1 CotW, then dismiss pet 1. Tendon 1 part 2 use pet 2 CotW, then dismiss pet 2, etc.

Reequip your Kiril during each phase so that you'll proc right when the tendon spawns. I re-equip right when the amalg we are killing spawns.

Put an explosive trap down where the bloods are being tanked. I usually get 2 LnL procs on every lift thanks to this.

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