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[Alliance][Dragonblight] Deus ex Crux / Rubber Ducky 10 man (6 hour raid week + PvP)

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What's this? An Oceanic posting about a US Server.

Yes, it's true. Deus ex Crux is an Oceanic guild that plays on the US Server Dragonblight. This means you get the best of both worlds - no lag, no competition for herbing/mining/dailies, and an awesome AH. There are a number of Oceanic guilds on Dragonblight so there is also plenty of room for PUGging should you desire.

Raid times are 7:00pm - 10:00pm AEST (GMT+10/11) on Wednesday and Thursday nights. We value our raid time, but we also value our beer drinking - so make sure you're prepared, with game faces on ready to kill stuff because we deliberately raid for only 2 days. We love server transfers.

We are mostly interested in you as a PvE raider, but if you have a hankering for Arena or BGs then there's a group that are actively pursuing that, and the current night is Sunday for that misadventure.

About Us

Deus ex Crux has core players who have played WoW for 5 years, many of those together. We have been actively raiding since Molten Core, and in TBC cleared Sunwell to M'uru pre-nerf, then M'uru/KJ post-nerf. We're a "mature" guild, in that many of us have families, but the main feature is that we are respectful of our guildmates and treat raiding as a game, but a serious game.

Rubber Ducky is a 10 man group that started running 10 mans concurrently with the 25 man raiding since T8, and since many of us retired from 25 man raiding for the quiet life of 10 mans last expansion, we're in a great position to continue. We're not hardcore in the sense that it's progression at all costs, but our attitudes do run towards only making a particular mistake once. If you keep making the same mistake, you're going to be ridiculed, then sat, then cut from the roster. If you want to become world class at sledging along with your WoW skills, then you've found the right group of people.

About You

We expect you to be mature, capable player who enjoys the social side of the game as much as the raiding side. We need you to have a sense of humour, tolerate the occasional bawdy jokes and swearing. You need to be constantly trying to improve your play, and that of your guildmates, and be able to take appropriate criticism on performance as a guide to improvment, not as some personal threat to your manliness (or girliness). Guild chat is not PG, but neither is it X-rated, and any intolerance shown towards groups will rapidly result in a gkick.

What are we looking for

At this time Rubber Ducky is seeking applications from any talented players in mostly 346 gear and above gear (we're pretty much over heroics these days). Our roster consists of 2 warriors, 2 druids, 2 shaman, 1 priest, 1 hunter, 1 paladin, 1 mage, 1 warlock. We'd be happy with a rogue or DPS DK, but we prefer to get people who are good at playing. RD is known for dealing with crazy comps and just not caring, so we do believe in "bring the player not the class".

If you're a warrior or shaman, you'd need to be pretty exceptional to get a spot on the team, but any other class will be seriously considered.

We're probably looking at 2-3 players to round out our roster.

How we raid

We have a bench, and all players will be expected to form part of that and rotate as required. We do need all players to maintain a 75% availability, which gives people time off for real life - which is strongly encouraged. Rubber Ducky uses the extremely complicated "/roll and don't be a dickhead" loot allocation scheme.

How to apply

If you are interested, then please visit our recruitment forum at Crux: The Forums and put in the application title that it's for Rubber Ducky, or PM me here directly.

If more information is required, then please contact me via PM here, or create a lvl1 alt on Dragonblight and contact me in game.

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