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[Alliance][Spirestone] <Adapt> 12/12 + 3/13 HM - 25man - 8pm PST, 3 nights/wk

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Battlegroup: Reckoning (BG-6)

Server: Spirestone (PvP, PST)

Faction: Alliance

Raids: Tuesday/Wednesday/Thursday, 7:45pm - 12:00am PST

Format: 25man (+ optional 10mans)

Progression: 12/12 + 3/13 HM

Loot: DKP



- Enhance Shaman (high)

- Elemental Shaman (medium)

Exceptional players of any class should consider applying.


Adapt of Spirestone

About us:

<Adapt> is an Alliance raiding guild on US-Spirestone with the goal of competitive PvE progression on a 3 nights/week schedule. Created at the start of ICC, the group consists of folk who had been playing together since BC as part of another guild, augmented with many new faces picked up during T10 & T11. In Wrath we went 11/12 ICC25 HM, took Alliance 1st RS25 HM on Spirestone, and kept pushing HLK progression up to the very last raid week - basically, we don't quit. In Cata we have been running 25man raids since the 2nd week, full cleared T11 normal modes early in January, and are now working our way through hard modes.

Our recruiting philosophy can be summed up as "recruit the player, not the toon". Yes, you need a toon that is geared to the level of the content (mostly 346+) so you can immediately contribute, but overall we are fans of people that can play multiple specs, or have experience on multiple classes/multiple roles - diversity of experience yields better players. PvP heroes are welcome for the situational awareness & class knowledge that comes with success in arena, but PvE progress better be at the top of your agenda.

The ideal applicants understand & play their class to the fullest of its ability, and in the case of hybrids, for multiple talent trees; have maxed raiding professions & exalted reputations where it matters; are able to take constructive criticism well; maintain a near 100% attendance rate through the trial and beyond; and have a burning desire to complete raid-centric achievements and hard modes.

In return we offer decent progression with a good mix of casual & serious - raids are serious on progression bosses, but strive to be a bit more casual when possible. The guild has an active social member base, and our raiding core are not raid-loggers so if you like to play a lot you'll generally find people online to do stuff with. Also, a lot of our players have well-geared alts; If this is not you, thats fine - just be awesome at your main. If this is you, great - we understand your needs & make an effort to arrange extra groups throughout the week to give you options for serious alts.

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