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[Alliance][Elune] <Fight> 2/13 LF 1 Healer

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Fight is currently recruiting for 25man raiding. Our current progress

2/13 - from 25 man Heroic Kills

12/12 - from 25 man kills

We are currently looking for the following:

1 Healer (Resto Shaman or Priest)

1 Ranged DPS

We will also consider exceptional apps from any class/spec.

Our Raiding Schedule:

Mon: 8:30pm - 12am (EST)

Tue: 8:30pm - 12am (EST)

Wed: 8:30pm -12am (EST)

Thu: 8:30pm - 12am (EST)

We ask that our members be outside of the instance with flasks and pots at the ready when invites go out (8:30pm). Recruits and members must be able to make these times, and maintain a high attendance rate.

Applicants should be able to match our current gear level. Ideally, you should have familiarity with each of the boss fights we are currently doing. All new applicants should carefully read through the stickied forum threads, and bring their A-games to raids.

Other requirements:

- A stable internet connection.

- Knowledge of your role (or roles) in the raid and how to perform your tasks optimally while surviving the encounters.

- Preparation including consumables, reading up on boss encounters, participating in our forum discussion, of the task at hand.

- Maturity and the ability to handle yourself when called on during raids for corrections.

- Intangibles including personality, sense of humor, the ability to get along with others.

- A hunger for raiding and improving on an individual and group level.

- Raiding tools for your class/spec

Recruitment Phase

All potential recruits should go to Fight Guild to our recruitment section, read our rules, and fill out an application.

Applications should be as verbose and detailed as possible, noting your experience in WoW and other games, raiding experience, your spec, your class information, any scheduling issues (keeping in mind our attendance requirements) and most importantly anything you wish to share about you & your personality. The more open you are, the better. Class performance and personality are both significant factors for applicants.

If you are a good fit, you will be sent a guild invitation, as an initiate. During this period you are given access to our forums and ventrillo, we like initiates to make good use of these communication tools we're looking for people who have opinions, and are active contributors to the guild as a whole. As an initiate, one of your fellow guildmates will sponsor you and get you up to speed on anything that is unclear. Ideally, your sponsor will be of the same class and role.

About Fight

Fight is a guild that has roots that stretch back over 12 years, this guild has been alive in one form or another in every Major MMO that has existed. We exist in WoW, and out of WoW, we have active members who have left WoW but remain a part of Fight, playing in different games, and different systems. Fight was here before World of Warcraft and will be here long after people stop playing this game.

If that sounds like something you want to be a part of, we encourage you to apply.

If you are interested, please stop by our recruitment forums @ Fight Guild

You can also message any of the officers in game: Zoraxis, Lexivus, Yayyo, or Ecosse.

Thank you for your time, and we hope to see you soon in game!

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