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[H -Jaedenar] <Strife> 2/7 heroic [3 day 25m raiding EST]

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Strife a 25m 3 day raiding guild on the Jaedenar - US server, is recruiting! Current progression is 2/7H Firelands. Last tier we finished off with 12/13 HM.

Raid Info:

We raid beginning at 8 EST (our server is also EST), and end usually around 11:30pm, occasionally pushing to 12pm. Our Raid Days are Tuesday - Thursday.


Currently looking for:

- DPS Death Night - High Demand

- Boomkin/Resto Druid - High Demand

- Warlock - High Demand

Beyond our specific needs, recruitment is basically WIDE OPEN for anyone that feels that he/she can compete with and surpass someone that is in our group right now. You apply, we will commence a basic scrutiny of your choices, and then you will probably be invited and tossed into the next raid to see how you fare. It's really a very simple process, and it's entirely results-oriented.

We run a Loot Council, which will distribute gear based on where it improves our collective the most. We will be providing cauldrons, feasts, and potion consumables in the VERY near future, as well as guild repairs (which is already implemented).

About us:

We formed in August of 2007 on the Lightning's Blade server, as "Atrocity". Eventually, due to terrible server issues (especially in WotLK Naxxramas), we transferred off to our current realm, Jaedenar. With the onset of new content in the form of Cataclysm, the raiding season is coming back and we feel prepared to progress at a much faster pace now. We try to keep it fun and at the same time progressive. Our atmosphere can largely be described as "Young Adult" (college age), so one can expect a lot of things that are common to that demographic

25m Cata Achievements:

-Server First Heroic Nef

-Server First Heroic Al'akir

25m Wrath Achievements:

- Server First Heroic LK

- Grand Crusader

- Death's Demise

- Celestial Defender

- Server first GotUR

- Server first Frostwyrm

Website:Strife - Strife - Jaedenar Guild - The Front Page

WoWProgress: WoW Guild Strife @ Jaedenar :: WoWProgress - World of Warcraft Rankings and History

That about sums it up. Feel free to contact Bjt in-game or Bjtmage on the guild forums if you have questions, or apply on our website.

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Updated needs.

Currently looking for:

- Ret Paladin

- Boomkin/Resto Druid

- Warlock

- Holy Paladin

- Hunter

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