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[Alliance][Dragonblight] Exigence - 10/12 10m Normal

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Recruitment Needs:

Healing/Ranged DPS Hybrid

Possibly one Hunter

Exigence of Dragonblight is currently 10/12 Normal. We are looking for an exceptional Healer/Ranged DPS hybrid (assume you will heal more than DPS). We have a good crew but are missing that last person in a critical role to keep us going.

Ideally we are looking for a Priest or Druid but a Shaman would suffice. We are not looking for Melee DPS at all so you need to be happy to fill the ranged spec of your class if needed.

We raid on a PST schedule 3 days a week (Wed, Sun, Mon) and raid from 730 PST til 11pm (10hrs a week).

Some of the guild's Achievements as a 10man include

Server First Will of the Emperor Heroic

Server First on most every normal during T14 progression

Server Second Heroic Ragnaros

As a 25man Guild

Server First for most of ICC Normal and Heroics until the guild broke up late in the tier

Server First for every boss in Ulduar except Alone in the Darkness

Server First For all of Tier 7

Server First for every boss in TBC (including US top 100 kill of M'uru and Kil'jaeden)

Server First for every boss in Vanilla post Molten Core including Kel'thuzad

Our current Guild Leader and Raid Leader is the same person who has led the guild for nine years. Half of our Roster has been with the guild for the entire time. The rest of us come from various hardcore guilds but have decided we want a more casual setting.

If you would like to Apply please feel free to add me Erlaya#6728 and use (Application) in your request as well as you class. You can also contact Myself, Buiden, or Jesibella in game with any further questions.

Our website though not used is still active at [Exigence]

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