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[Horde][Hyjal] <The Insurrection> 2/13H - Recruiting a Tank

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The Insurrection of <Dread> is a hardcore 10-man team looking for experienced raiders with outstanding history of pushing new content. Our goals are simple: Be the #1 guild on the Hyjal server and place in the Top 100 US for 10-man raiding. Our team keeps a small but strong roster, and any new member will play a vital role in our success. The Insurrection is a founding raid team of <Dread>, a guild of four autonomous teams that share leveling benefits and substitutes. To learn more about <Dread> and apply to The Insurrection, visit us: Dread Guild - Index

The Insurrection is currently in need of:

* 1 Paladin - Prot or Holy

* 1 Warrior - Prot

* Other applicants will be considered, but note that we build toward best raid compositions

Our Cataclysm accomplishments:

* 2/13 Hard Mode current progression

* 12/12 Normal Mode Cleared (Realm 2nd)

* Realm First Bastion of Twilight (Cho'gall)

* Realm First Glory of the Cataclysm Hero

* Multiple Realm First 85s

Our prior accomplishments:

* Bane of the Fallen King (12/12 HM ICC)

* Heroic Ruby Sanctum

* Glory of the Icecrown Raider

* Strong member achievements: Earth, Wind & Fire, Herald of the Titans, Tribute to Insanity, etc.

* Experienced member backgrounds: Naxxramas 40-man clears, pre-nerf M'uru, Sunwell clears, Top-50 guild affiliation, etc.

We raid Tue-Thu @7-11pm PST on Hyjal (US-PvE) with the possibility of an extra day during progression. Applicants must have Hardmode experience in either 10s or 25s from WotLK, and people with BC and Vanilla experience are preferred. We'll expect you to prove your abilities as a capable, spacially aware recruit to clinch your position as an Insurrection raider.

To apply, visit our website and fill out a Raiding form at: Dread Guild - Index

You can also catch us online on Hyjal. Look for Solaya, Nalyn, or Quietpaw.

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