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[A][Aerie Peak] <Measure of Faith> 1/7H Recruiting for 25s

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Measure of Faith is a stable raiding guild on Aerie Peak (PvE/PST) created over four years ago on January 5th, 2007. Our members are active, fun, and "low-drama" adults with ages ranging from 18 to 40-something. We provide repairs, cauldrons, & feasts at all raids, and enchant mats and gems, so you can focus on the fun stuff instead of on farming just to raid.


We raid 25-Player (only) progression content 3 nights a week (12 hours) on Tues, Wed, & Thurs from 5-9pm Server/Pacific Time (8pm-midnight Eastern Time).

We are currently 1/7 Herioc in Firelands.

We are recruiting one of each of the listed classes in order to improve the depth of the raid team:

Druid - 1 feral tank, 1 boomkin, 1 feral kitty

Pally - 1 prot

Priest - 1 shadow, 1 holy/DISC


As a raider, we expect you to:

- be able to make 90% attendance during a 2 week initiate period. At least 75% attendance after that.

- arrive to raids having researched new fights yourself. All we should have to tell you is our strat... you should know the basics of the fight on your own.

- have some experience in current content. Please do not apply with only 2/12 kills in T11 content and 0/7 in T12. We're not here to gear up your alt.

- understand what being part of the TEAM is about. For us it means if you mess up you may be removed from the raid. Take a breather and you'll be expected to come back: not ninja log. You're not being gkicked; you're being replaced in the raid for now. Anyone waitlisting will be fairly swapped in even if nobody messes up. From time to time that may mean you will be asked to sit for a couple of hours. Having depth in the raid team is what enables us to continue raiding when 4 or 5 people aren't able to make raid, and what enables us to remove someone when they mess up. This is one of the core differences between a 10 and 25 man guild, and between us and hard core guilds: we only require 75% attendance so we need a larger raid team. If you are not willing to be a team player and occasionally sit for a couple hours a week then please do not even apply.

As a guild we do not have expectations of you outside of raid. However, most members enjoy goofing off in gchat, farming T11 content for achievements, running heroics for VP's, and we even do RBG's from time to time. Come with a friendly attitude, but motivated to kill bosses, and you'll fit right in.

Although some positions may currently be listed as full, we have on rare occasion been known to make room for truly exceptional applicants, especially those who are already well geared & demonstrate the ability to perform at the same level as other current raiders. If this sounds like you, you shouldn't hesitate to apply.

Submit applications at:

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We are currently recruiting most classes to push progression through heroic modes and to round out the raid team. Come check us out.

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