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[A] [Zul'jin] <Carpe Diem> 7/13H 25M, 9hrs/wk, LF healers, dps

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Raid times:

Monday, Wednesday, Thursday 7:30pm-10:30pm EST (9 hours a week)

- Require 90% Minimum (100% during 2 week app trial)


12/12 N

7/13 HM (Halfus, Chimeron, Atramedies, Magmaw, Maloriak, V&T, conclave)

Currently Recruiting


- Boomkin

- Healers of any variety

- Shadow priest

- Hunter

- Warlock

- Ele shaman

All exceptional players will be considered.

What we offer:

- We cover repairs during raids.

- We provide food buffs.

- We partially cover flasks (4 required from you per week).

- We offer FaF invites.

What we are looking for:

- Players with experience in BWD, BoT or To4W.

- Players who are in ilvl 345+ gear. If you are slightly below this but feel you have logs proving you are better than your gear please feel free to app and defend yourself.

- Players who can take critique without it turning into a hostile argument. We want to be able to quickly analyze what went wrong/right in an attempt and make necessary changes on the spot.

- Players who are on top of theorycrafting, gemming, and enchanting. We want to see min/maxing.

- We thoroughly examine logs to look for players with not only high DPS but great raid awareness.

- Players need to be 18+ and MATURE. We aren't here to babysit or deal with unwanted drama mongering. Be advised that most of our guild members are in their 30s & 40s.

About us:

Formed in March of 2007, Carpe Diem became an established raiding guild on the Thunderhorn PvE server. A small group of 10 raiders came together with the similar idea of raiding hard over a short amount of time yet still remaining competitive as a whole. Over the next year, we opened recruiting to achieve 30-35 solid raiders and quickly moved up the server rankings, maintaining a top spot throughout Black Temple and Sunwell, and achieving many realm firsts from Obsidian Sanctum through to Icecrown Citadel. We have now moved to Zul'jin in hopes of finding a more raider active server.

Our raid environment is different from your typical end game guild. We’re laid back and social yet even with shorter than normal raiding hours we’ve pushed high into US rankings. We strive to keep an enjoyable atmosphere in and outside raiding and this has helped with lowering raider turnover as a guild.

If Interested:

Carpe Diem of Zul'jin Home Page

Contact Impromir, Pfrog, Buhn, Seneb or Stormknight

Thank you for your time!

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