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[A][Durotan] <DOJO> 25 Man 1/13 HM 9HRS/WEEK LF DPS Shaman/Priest/Druid

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DOJO - “Friends Don’t Let Friends Kick Ass Aloneâ€

DOJO Tenets - Loyalty, Integrity, Perseverance, Self-Control, Courtesy

Raid times: Sun/Tues/Wed 8:45 - Midnight EST

Immediate Need For:

Enhancement/Elemental Shaman

Feral Druid

Healing Priest (Holy or Disc) w/ Shadow Off-Spec


Exceptional applicants of any classes/spec are always welcome.

DOJO is an 25 Man Raiding Guild. While we take raiding seriously, we also understand that real life responsibilities and events take priority over anything that happens in game. That being said, the 9 hours that we do raid we take very seriously and expect the same out of any member.

DOJO's current Cataclysm raid progression is:

12/12 Normal Modes

Heroic Halfus on Farm

Heroic Magmaw/Chimaeron will be dying in short order

#1 on Server in Rated BG’s

Due to attendance issues we recently fully cleared BWD with between 20-23 people in the raid including a 23 man one-shot on Nefarian.

If You Are Applying…

• You have been playing WoW and/or other MMOs for at least one year.

• You have at least 6 months of total raiding experience.

• You are looking for a long-term Guild with a tight-knit membership core with years of high-end raiding experience and exclusive focus on 25-man content.

• You are confident in your abilities when playing your roles in WoW, but remain open to suggestion and improvement and keep up to date on class changes.

• You posses situational awareness, meaning you can avoid fire, void zones and other bad stuff while still performing your duties fully.

• You are mature; in spirit if not age.

If you think you have what it takes to enter the DOJO drop an application at:

DOJO : Home : World of Warcraft (WOW) Guild Site at GuildPortal

If you have any questions feel free to contact the following Black and Red belts in game:










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