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[A][Blade's edge] <Exile> 9/13, 5/7 25M Tue/Wed/Thur 8-12 EST LF DPS & Tanks

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<Exile> is the top ranked end-game progression raiding guild on the US-Blade's Edge Server. We believe that MMORPG's are a source of entertainment, adventure and escape/relaxation; however, they are also a social community of friends and most importantly to us a competitive arena in which to test your skills, wit, and patience. With that in mind, Exile's mission is to provide a community framework in which to members can participate in achieving these goals. We say participation because you will personally get out of the guild what you put into it.

<Exile> has been in existence through WotLK and In the tradition of our leaderships former guild, we have continued a call that began sometime ago, "To push the envelope and be at the forefront of cutting edge content". Through the dedication and handwork of its raiders <Exile> has worked its way to be the top progression guild on Blade's Edge.

<Exile> is looking to strengthen its roster as we move into the next tier of content. we want to come out strong and fast

About Us:

Guild: <Exile>

Realm: US-Blade's Edge

Battlegroup: Retaliation (Boston data center)

Progression: 9/13 Heroic 25 man (Atramedes, Nefarian, Magmaw, Chimaeron, Halfus, Maloriak, Valiona & Theralion, Nefarian, Al'akir and Conclave)

Notable Achievements: Realm First Al'Akir, Realm First Nefarian

Raid Times: Tue, Wed, Thurs - 7:45pm invites, 8:00-12:00 am raid (all times EST)

Website: A Premiere Alliance Guild on Blade's Edge - Home - Guild website (You can find out about or structure, loot rules etc here)

We Offer:

Ability to compete for server firsts (currently ranked server 1st in 25 man and overall tier 11 progression)

Free food, flasks, and 24/7 repairs

An active community outside of raiding

Low drama environment

What We’re Looking For: Exceptional players of any class.

The expectations we place on our raiders are fairly simple. 95% attendance or higher, come prepared to each fight (knowledge, proper spec, etc), and consistently perform at the top of your game.

The question we get asked the most by potential applicants is about our guild and its history. Most of our core have been playing together since the early days in WotLK. Although the guild has undergone roster changes over that time, our core have never stopped providing the drive and motivation necessary to succeed; and we’ll continue to strive towards excellence in Cataclysm.

We have a very active Guild and have spent a lot of time building a community that is fun for progression raiders as well as casuals/friends and/or retired raiders. We often organize events outside of raiding. We do a weekly Lottery, Hide & Seek, Scavenger Hunts etc…

Qualities we are looking for in our players:

Skill - The ability to execute at the top of your game and to play your class exceptionally.

Reliability - Able to commit and attend over 95% of raids

Selfless - You must be a team players and remember that the raid ‘win’ meter is more important then any personal meter

Self-Motivation- Doing the research and theory crafting to stay on top of your class and the encounters at all times.

Fun- players with a sense of humor who know when to goof around and also when to be serious and take care of business

Swagger - people that can take pride about the guild they are in understand how to represent us well to the greater wow community

Experience- Some type of meta achievement, server first title or other significant past history showing what a talented player you are.

*************************Currently Recruiting PVE********************

Tanks ( Need 1) --- Extremely High Need

Feral Tank

Protection Paladin

Protection Warrior

Healers (Need 2)

Holy Paladin

Holy Priest

Restoration Shaman

DPS (Need 3

Afflic/Destro Warlock

Elemental Shaman

MM/SV Hunter

Balance Druid

Unholy DK

Please contact me via RealID or email at the same address. Alternatively contact one of the recruitment officers listed below in game.



Recruitment Officers: Demonnick, Morcillita, Briswindus, Sarilina, Rikku, Xavent

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