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Gear Sheet for Plate Wearers [r3 2011/06/27]

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Now that patch 4.2 hits, I feel confident enough to release my gear sheet for plate items to the public. It's based on my Rogue version, but with a few modifications to feature plate items (such as an armor value, parry/dodge stats and a class selector).

Its main purpose is to have a quick overview (albeit not 100% accurate, see below) for your own personal BiS list. Not more, not less.

What it features:

  • Hopefully all current plate items, both DPS and Tank (but no Healing gear!).
  • Possibility to enter EP values for all classes/specs.
  • Automatic sorting of gear on a per slot basis according to the EP the user has entered.
  • Automatic gemming of items, considering EP values and socket bonuses.
  • A seperate overview of when socket bonuses are worth gemming for.
  • Automatic reforging of items according to EP values (however, in a "dumb" way - see below)

What it does not:

  • Calculate your DPS, EP values or cycles/rotations. It purely depends on EP values that were calculated elsewere (e.g. with SimulationCraft).
  • Obey caps. If hit is your best stat, it will value items with this stat the highest, even if you're long over the cap (a possible workaround is to set the EP value of hit to your second best EP stat, e.g. to haste or whatever).
  • Calculate trinkets. They are assumed to have a static, averaged out permanent bonus instead of a proc.
  • Reforge intelligently. It is kind of "dumb": if an item has 10 crit and 200 haste, it will reforge 4 crit into whatever stat is the best not currently present on the item. That may change in the future though.

How to use:

  • Download the .rar file and unpack it with WinRAR (or any other program capable of handling .rar files).
  • Read the "READ ME!" sheet.
  • Switch to the "EP Values & Settings" sheet and enter your EP values and choose your class & spec (or leave them at default). Also you can define here which loot you want to be displayed (or not).
  • Switch to "Gems" for an overview of what gems to use.
  • Switch to "Sorted List - Reforged Stats" for a sorted list of the items.
  • Use the "x" column to select which piece of equipment you have currently equipped (enter a '1' here and don't forget to remove it for my default gear).
  • ???
  • Profit

Current caveats:

  • The rogue sheet is already just a hobby for me, and the rogue is my main character. So don't expect me to put too much effort in this version of the sheet or see blazing fast updates. I'll do it when I feel to.
  • The EP values are heavily outdated, if they were ever right in the first place. I cannot stress this enough, you'll have to calculate your own or enter the ones for your class and spec (which I couldn't find). I pity you poor non rogues.
  • I may have missed a few Tank trinkets, and calculations for them is especially bad. Most feature a weird proc that cannot really be measured.
  • Some older items may have changed, I didn't double check them. Also currently there a few PvP items entered multiple times in the sheet (they're updated with 4.2 but I had no way to check in game on the PTR).

If you find any errors or missing items, let me know. Most likely there will be at least a few.

A note to OpenOffice users:

The sheet does work in OpenOffice, but there seems to a bug (in at least 3.3) that the sorted list isn't updated correctly when you change your spec/EP values or loot categories. The EP calculation itself still seems to be correct, but it doesn't re-order (or hide) the items. You can manually force it do so if you remove one of numbers representing the position in the 'A' column and add it again. You only have to do this once - after that it updates the list just fine.

Again, let me know if you know why this behaviour occurs. Or how to fix it. I have no clue.

I've tested it in LibreOffice 3.4, and the bug is not present there, everything is working fine. Might also be the case for OO 3.4, I cannot say.

Current version:

r3 [2011/06/27]


  • r3: Updated to Patch 4.2. Entered drop informations and heavy optimizations and speed-ups.
  • r2: Guild release.
  • r1: Personal release.


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