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[Alliance][Sylvanas]Kill Loot Repeat Recruiting for SoO! (12/14 25m HC guild)

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Even though we might not directly have an opening for your class or spec, we always keep an eye out for exceptional, motivated and hardcore players. If you count yourself among these, don't hesitate to apply.

Current class openings:
- looking for exceptional players of all classes and specs, primarily:


  • Death Knight dps, High
  • Druid Balance Resto, High
  • Mage, High
  • Mistweaver monk, High
  • Priest healer, High
  • Rogue, High
  • Elemental Shaman, High
  • Warlock, High
  • Dps Warrior, High

Who we are:
-We're a guild that tries to focus more on quality and efficiency in raids than the quantity of time spent doing so. We aim to raid as efficiently as possible, reducing downtime and the time spent raiding through effective use of raiding time. We strive to be a competitive raiding guild with significantly less time invested into raiding.

-We're a guild made of two guilds with a long history in raiding who merged to achieve a common goal late in TBC. The history of one guild (Fusion, formed on Skullcrusher) reaches all the way back to vanilla WoW, where it was among the top guilds clearing Naxxramas somewhere around world 40. The guild continued through TBC being among the top 100 until late SWP, where it was forced to migrate to survive. The second guild, iddqd, was founded a bit before TBC on the server Sylvanas and went on to be among the top 100 guilds all the way since, up until late SWP as well. Fusion migrated to Sylvanas, where we eventually agreed on joint raiding (both guilds being on M'uru back then) and quickly finished SWP before patch 3.0 hit. We decided to merge shortly before WotLK went live and we can now conclude the merge was very successful.

-Our raiders are focused on the task at hand, motivated for progress with the necessary "drive" to perform as best as they can. We keep a small roster of active raiders and everyone gets their fair share or raiding without having to sit out excessively.

-We treat trials with the same respect we treat every other of our members. Even though we are very stable, if your ambitions within the guild are high and you also strive to reach higher-than-member ranks and have past experience, we won't oppose your personal quick ascend either, if you prove your worth to us

-We raid 5 days a week 19:30-24:00. We don't usually extend raids unless the benefit of doing so is obvious, though we prefer people who are able to do so if needed. You're expected to keep around 80-90% attendance in the long run. We don't recruit people to be substitutes.

What we expect to see in our applicants:
-You want to have PvE as your main focus. We need people who are motivated enough to progress and have the needed "drive" to do so.

-You should be competitive and analytical in your approach towards the game and raids. You're active when it comes to both preparing for raids and post raids. You constantly try to improve your play, and contribute to discussions on a guild-wide basis as well (tactics etc.). You communicate with the guild when it comes to devising strategies for current bosses.

-You are reliable. This is very important. This means we can count on you if you're needed. If you're unavailable, you always do your best to let us know beforehand.

-You're skilled, but also go beyond your own class. You're aware of your surroundings and go to lengths to not only do your job in raids to the best possible extent, but go beyond that, helping the raid and co-raiders. You're reactions are fast, you're able to improvise and adapt to unexpected situations.

-You're never satisfied with being the "average Joe" of the guild. You constantly strive to improve your play.

-You're a social person and able to fit right into the social interaction in our guild both in-game and on forums.

How to apply:
If you think you can meet these requirements and are interested in joining our guild, visit ->

Kill Loot Repeat

check out the recruitment section, there's more information there as well as the application form and an email.

Or alternatively, send me a PM on these forums should you prefer this form of communication.

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Updated our 25man Heroic Firelands Progress. Majordomo Staghelm & Ragnaros left.

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Updated recruitment:

Rogue (High)

Druid: Balance (High)

Death Knight: DPS (Medium)

Warlock (Medium)

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Updated recruitment - looking for many talented players of multiple classes and specs!

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