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[A][Trollbane] <Desolation> looking for raiding healers and DPS

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About Desolation

Desolation is an Alliance guild on the US Trollbane server, who focuses on 10-person raiding. After some unexpected and unavoidable down-time, we are rebuilding the guild, and planning to be in the Firelands as a guild starting the week after Labour Day. Based on previous experience and performance and some current strong players, we expect to progress quickly, catching up with other guilds on the server within a short period of time. We raid only three nights a week, and may spend off-time doing heroics, PvP, old raids, achievement chasing, and playing around with alts.

We are an older guild, generally having several members in their 30s and 40s. We ask for a minimum applicant age of 25, but will consider players over age 20 if they can demonstrate a high level of maturity. While we demand a high level of knowledge and excellence in playing your character, how you fit in with the group is at least as important. We respect each other, and as most of us deal with more than enough drama and politics at work, it is not welcome in the guild. We ask for loyalty from guild members, and in return are loyal to our members, supporting them in any way possible.

While we are a friendly group, we take our raiding seriously. All raiders are expected to have a proper raiding spec, appropriately enhanced gear, come to raids prepared with appropriate consumables, and have an idea of the fights before we execute them. Our leadership has experience in all raids from MC during vanilla to present, in several roles. While input is appreciated, we are not new to the game, and we go after results.

Raiding nights are Tuesday, Thursday, and Sunday from 8:45pm (first pull by 9pm) until midnight EST (server time). We ask that you give as much notice as possible if you cannot make a raid night, or have to be late/leave early.

More information about Desolation can be found in our website's about the guild section.

About you

We are looking to fill healer spots and possibly another DPS. We would prefer ranged DPS, we would welcome a hunter especially. The only ranged class who we cannot offer a guaranteed raid spot to is a moonkin.

All classes of healer are welcome, including a person who is willing to go heals or DPS depending on the fight. The hybrid healer would be primarily considered a healer for purposes of main spec, but we will do everything possible to help you optimally gear your DPS spec.

All tank spots are currently full.

Personality-wise, we are looking for people who can get along with others, are not arrogant (or at least keep it to themselves), and are willing to take on a team mentality during raids. A balance of good DPS/heals along with raid utility is more valuable to us than a person who pushes to top charts at the expense of everything else. We also value people who are intelligent and can communicate as an adult. While you may be friendly with a great sense of humour, "r u srs lol" type levels of communication reflect badly on you, and is what we will judge you on.

How to apply

  • All applications are handled through our website.

  • Before submitting an application, be sure to read the About Desolation section, our Code of Conduct, and our Application Rules.

  • Create a user ID, preferably using the name of your main raiding character.

  • Copy the Application Form, and create a new post in the Application forum, making sure to answer all questions.

  • At this point, if things look good, you will likely be invited to the guild with initiate status. You will still be required to complete your application, answering any follow-up questions. Through this we are not trying to see if you are a walking encyclopedia; rather we are looking to find out how you reason through things and if you have a reliable source to find information that you don't know off-hand.

We look forward to hearing from you! Please be assured that despite the serious post, we are a fun group. A fun group who respect each other and value excellence and progression.

Note: While starting Firelands on September 6, we are running some trial runs for initiates this week. If interested in the guild, or have questions, please let me know ASAP.

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