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<H> Forgotten Aspects Hyjal Recruiting for 25 man 6/7h

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We are currently 6/7 on heroic modes and 2nd in progression in 25 man raiding guild on our server.

Forgotten Aspects is a long standing, mature, drama free, horde guild on the Hyjal server. Hyjal is a mid to high level population compromised of a 1:.4 horde to alliance ratio.

We are currently recruiting for the follow positions:

Priest: Shadow

Druid: resto druid w/ Boomkin off spec

Druid: Boomkin

Shaman: Resto w/ elemental off spec

shaman: elemantal


Basic Information

Our raid schedule is Tue - Thursday 6:30pm - 10:30pm Pacific Standard Time.

10-12 Hours per week.

How to Apply

Go to and register,

PM an application to Nezastus

or feel free to login to our server and talk to one of our officers

Tanks & Melee DPS: Naéblis

Healers: Nowonn

Range DPS: Thant

or pm me on Nezastus, nezaster, nezastes


If your class/spec is not needed at this time, and you believe you have what it takes, feel free to apply anyway. We are always looking to add exceptional players to the guild.

We are looking for Solid dependable raiders who can deal with the perssure of progression raids on a shortened timeline. We stress performance output religiously and expect continuous improvement from our raiders. A solid applicant must believe that he or she will always strive to improve from raid to raid, solid play and dedication to advancing is what were looking for.

What we expect from applicants

1. Solid Performance - Every encounter is different, and how you mold your DPS (or HPS) strategy around the niches of an encounter determines how much you can maximize your output. People who can adapt to every encounter, new or old, are the people we want.

2. Awareness - Maximum performance is definitely necessary, but we aren't interested in people who tunnel vision their Recount or raid frames. We want players who can adapt quickly and effectively during raid encounters while maximizing their output. IE: don't die standing in fire.

3. Attitude - It's very rare to find someone who is perfect at everything they do. We're not saying we do not condone a small level arrogance; but in a raid environment, especially during progression, people must be open to criticism and correction of their personal strategy against an encounter. We are looking for people who do not have crutches (like the need to be reminded of abilities on ventrilo) or even a bar timer, we want people who can hold themselves up while doing #1 and #2 well.

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