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[H] [Durotan] <Advent> LFM Raiding DPS and Healers

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Hello potential raiders, PVPers, and casuals!

I represent the guild Advent on US-Durotan. Advent is a level 25 guild filled with players from all walks of life who've been gaming together for at least three years. We offer a stable atmosphere you can depend on and we're always looking to improve what we do. We've been a haven for raiders, PVPers, and social players alike, and we'd like to build our ranks!

We are seeking mature, fun people to raid with. If you like to, or can handle, bashing your head against the wall for hours on end a week, give us a shot! We require that you have a stable internet connection and a decent computer. We don't want to see you standing in stupid because your FPS is 2 for the encounter. It's expected that you be able to play the spec you have chosen for your class. However, we might ask you to play a different spec, even if you're a pure DPS class. (I.E. Hunter, Mage, Warlock, Rogue) So, it is beneficial if you know all the specs of your chosen class.

All raiders will be expected to be ready to pull at moment the raid starts. This includes food, flasks, and presence in the instance/entrance. When we wipe, you will be expected to run back unless otherwise stated. When we spend an entire night wiping, you will be expected to have a sense of humor enough to still enjoy what you're doing.

Our raiding schedule is as follows

Tuesday: 9pm-12am EST

Wednesday: 9pm-12am EST

Thursday: 9pm-12am EST

As we only raid a limited number of hours per week, our attendance policy is very strict. We require at least a 90% attendance rate, with a much preferred goal of 100% attendance.

Summed up, what we're looking for is:

- Prepared raiders

- Fun casuals

- Players with a sense of humor

- Players looking for the good of their guild.

We are accepting most classes and specs so I encourage any awesome raiders interested to apply at our guild website, to either apply or check us out further. If you have any questions about the guild feel free to add me to realID:

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