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[A][Vek'nilash] <Cohors Praetoria> 25-mans, 12h/wk, 2/7H: DPS and Healers

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Cohors Praetoria is recruiting for 25-man raiding. Specifically we’re looking for:

• Healers


We’re looking for the right player and will consider quality DPS and healer applications. If your application is good we'll consider you.

Cohors was founded on Vek at the start of The Burning Crusade. Since that time we have raided continuously and successfully, including:

- Cleared all TBC content from T4 through T6 and Sunwell Plateau.

- Cleared all of the T7 content and completed Heroic: Glory of the Raider

- Cleared Ulduar and completed Heroic: Glory of the Ulduar Raider and downed Alglaon.

- Cleared ToC and ToGC (Tribute to Insanity)

- Cleared Heroic Ruby Sanctum

- Cleared Heroic Icecrown Citadel

During Cataclysm our goal is the same as TBC and WLK – to clear all of the 25-man content at our own pace. As of Aug 31 2011 we are:

- 8/13 T11 Hard Modes

- 2/7 T12 Hard Modes

Our raiding times are Tue/Wed/Thu/Sun from 7pm to 10pm server time [CST] (12h / week, maximum) – invites go out at 6:45pm server time.

Cohors is primarily composed of adults – people with jobs, some with families, kids, etc. We’re busy with real life too so we are respectful of your time by starting and ending raids on time and being efficient while we’re zoned in. We almost never go past 10pm server time (besides the occasional 9:58pm just-one-last-boss-pull) and we pay for repairs, assist with consumables, enchants, resist gear, etc. We hash out boss strategies on our forums so we spend less time doing it in-game. In general the goal is to be effective and efficient while raiding and at the same time have fun and not take ourselves too seriously.

If Cohors sounds like a place you’d like to play we’d like to hear from you. Many people who have joined have found a long-term home to play WoW with us – if you’re looking for a stable and laid back guild that will clear 25-man content then you should look us up.

For more information or to put in an application go to, or find Treibh or Ahti in-game.

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