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[Alliance][Dalvengyr]<stalk and kill> 6/7H 25-Man Firelands LF DPS

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Apply for immediate consideration at in our Recruiting Section.

Raid times

Monday through Thursday, 8PM to 12AM EST

Recruitment needs

Medium demand:

Shaman - enhancement/elemental




Druid - balance

Deathknight - Frost/Unholy

Exceptional applicants of any class/role will receive consideration for a permanent spot in our raids.

Guild contacts

Ameil, Tobin, Failtrainer

Guild 25-Man Progression - 6/7 Heroic

Shannox (H)

Lord Rhyolith (H)

Beth'tilac (H)

Alysrazor (H)

Baleroc (H)

Staghelm (H)


Who we are

<stalk and kill> has been raiding continuously since vanilla and has a been a fixture on Dalvengyr since the realm went live. Our WoWProgress rankings hover between world #200-500. Our raid atmosphere is typical, meaning vent chatter is dominated by talk of sex organs and feces.

Who you are

* You play the game for progression, as an individual and part of the raid.

* You can meet our 4-day raid schedule without conflicts.

* You are prepared to raid and will show up on-time with plenty of consumables.

* You have researched all the encounters and understand both specific and broader raid mechanics.

* You have a stable network connection and computer hardware.

* The rest of the raid depends on you to be there, don't be a flake.

About our realm

Dalvengyr is a low-population realm hosted at Blizzard's New York datacenter. The population balance favors the Alliance slightly, but does not cause problems in general. stalk and kill is the only hardcore raiding guild on the realm.

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