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[A][Mannoroth] <Lacuna> 6/6H HoF Recruiting!

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Lacuna of US Mannoroth

Currently looking for:

-Shadow Priest


-Ele Shaman



-And of course strong players in general (Especially if you're ranged DPS please god)

<Lacuna> is a progression-driven 10-man raiding guild. We raid Mondays-Thursdays, 8:30-12:30 EST (with extra days on new content/PTR testing when possible). Our core has been raiding 10-mans going all the way back to Ulduar, covering Hardmode content ever since. While we have a very strong raiding core that has breezed through much of content, we have periodically been plagued with composition troubles holding us back in certain fights (ie, entirely too much melee) which is where you come in!

From our applicants, we expect quite a bit.

Ability and willingness to learn is absolutely the #1 most important thing we look for. Everyone makes mistakes, but if you are unwilling to learn from them (and instead blame them on everything but yourself) you will not find much sympathy from us.

You will be expected to be min-maxing to the best of your ability--we will nitpick your armory for anything sub-optimal, but given the placement of this recruitment post one would hope that wouldn't be an issue!

Communication is also quite key. In addition to being a raid group, we're also friends and human beings. Talk to us, be it over vent or in text, and make your voice be heard. Once again we have little sympathy for people who have issues if they do not actually bring them up.

Experience is overall a plus, but not a necessity--if you've raided difficult content in the past and/or present, that certainly shows skill, but it's how you react to new things that will earn you a spot. This comes with the caveat of being dependent on what the guild's current needs are, of course--bringing a complete novice in during hardmode progression is, obviously, not always even possible.

Past that, just being chill is probably one of the best things you can do as an applicant. Being able to relax and have fun with the game is pretty much a necessity--we've had a number of players who get wound up and take everything 100% seriously and they simply do not last in the long run.

To apply:

Simply visit our website at Lacuna of US Mannoroth -- we have a tidy little app form to fill out there with comment sections for communication. If your app goes well, it will be followed by a vent interview and likely a trial run. Naturally, feel free to contact us in-game if you have any questions as well. Our Recruitment form on the website also comes with a posting feature to communicate.

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