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[A] <BRB> Ghostlands Recruiting 6/7 Heroic 25 Man and 4.3

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BRB are a Hard Core Raiding guild based on Ghostlands EU.

As a Guild we’ve been around forever, and as with most 25 man guilds we’ve seen our fair share of change!

We’ve seen the best of times, and we’ve seen the worse, but even in the darkest of moments we get up,

bounce back, and push to be the best we can possibly be!

But, unlike most 25 man guilds, we’re still going, and striving for 25 man raiding,

even when others have fallen or changed to 10 man!

I suppose our guild name is apt, because even though sometimes in the past we have lost our way,

we’ll always be right back like!

Now, things have changed, again,

and we find ourselves with a crazy welsh gnome as Guild Master, ‘oh hai!’

A Gnome with thoughts of global domination!

Well at least thoughts of kicking some bosses heads in like!

We have some great leaders, new and old, with a good ‘pool’ of raiders,

with the experience of raiding at the top level for a long long time!

We’re also in a position to wish to strengthen an already gathering momentum 25 man team

and are looking for people with the dedication and the will to push forward and,

well, be the best they can possibly be!

Current recruitment status:

Death knight: low

Druid: mid

Hunter: low

Mage: low

Paladin: mid

Priest: high-dps, mid-heals

Rogue: low

Shaman: low

Warlock: low

Warrior: low

Exceptional applications, always considered!

Our current progress:

Firelands Tier 12 7/7 25 man Normal, 6/7 25 man Heroic

Tier 11 12/12 25 man Normal, 8/13 25 man Heroic

Our raiding schedule:

Monday - Thursday (19:45 - 00:00)

Friday/Saturday/Sunday are off days - Alt raids or fun raids for main

What we require:

Decent knowledge on your class.

85% Attendance

Knowledge on the current raid content

Gear is not important, but must be in line with current progress,

Skill however, is far more important!

We expect our raiders to always come prepared – including food buffs, flasks, pots and 110% FOCUS.

They do say ‘you get out of life what you put into it!’

So if you are willing to put the effort and time into developing your character

and helping yourself to help your raid team develop into a force to smash bosses aside,

give us a shout like!

Apply at, tell us about yourself, find out about us,

and see if we can work together, to improve both the team and yourself!

G’luck, and see you on the other side like!

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