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[Alliance][Aerie Peak-EU] <Opulence> Recruiting DPS for DS progress

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About Us

Opulence are a newly created raiding guild on Aerie Peak (Alliance). We are a semi-hardcore raiding guild aiming for strong progress on current content within a friendly, fun raiding environment. The leadership has a strong drive and determination to achieve these goals along with a good range of experience across past raid content from high-end raiding in TBC in SWP through both high-end HC and casual content in WotLK and Cataclysm. As a guild, this has been our first week of raiding with a proper guild group and are so far 7/8 DS normal.

We are currently aiming to get a skilled group of experienced raiders for 10 man raiding on Dragon Soul HC's.

Our progression raid times will be from: Monday - Thursday, 20:30 - 23:30 server time.

We require you to always be able to attend these raid times. If something special comes up and you notify us that you cannot raid on a certain night, then that is fine, we understand that things can randomly come up and we're not complete monsters. Just don't make a habit of it as a high attendance rate is required.

What we are looking for

As a new guild, we are currently in need of most potential classes/specs. All exceptional applications are considered.

Ideally, we are currently in need of:

- 1 Tank (Prot Pala, Warr preferred)

- 2-3 DPS (ele/enh shaman, hunter, lock, priest preferred)

These is are of course preferred, but dont worry if you aren't any of these, as i've already said all exceptional application are considered.

Ideally, we are looking for players who recognise and want to achieve the same goals as us. This means having the same mentality, dedication and drive to succeed and improve as we do. We require experienced and skilled raiders with previous experience that is in line with our aims and who are able to maintain a friendly and fun raiding environment as a good environment is a large part of a successful raiding guild, in my opinion anyway.

You need to know your class in detail and continually be pushing yourself to get the best performance you possibly can. you need to ahev patience and be able to take some constructive criticism. We want people who are dedicated and in it for the long run, who can make a positive impact upon our raid team and progress.

Loot Distribution

Our loot distribution decisions are made via a loot council. The main consideration is what will benefit the guild the most, with raiders getting priority over trialists and mains over alts. People should respect the loot council decision and not make a big thing over it, people should be fair and therefore realise that the decision is final.

How to Apply

You may apply on our forums in the recruitment thread. You may also make a private application via a PM to Shadowcryer on our website. If you want to chat to get a further idea of our aims and personalities as people to see if you'd fit in then that would be great, you can add me on Real ID to chat or create a character on Aerie Peak to say hello and express your interest, whatever works best for you, I will normally be on Shadowcryer or Celestynus.

Website: Opulence Guild - Aerie Peak | World of Warcraft Guild

My Real ID:

Thank-you for considering us as your future guild and we look forward to hearing from you.

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