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[A] [Durotan] <Dojo> 25-Man Raid and PVP Guild - #2 on Server

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Yes, Durotan still exists. Dojo is a long-time, stable, 25-man raiding Guild, having gone through three expansions without major trauma. How do we do that? We are never quite sure, but we try our best to balance being among the top Guilds on Server while still maintaining a relaxed, friendly and supportive atmosphere. Our policy: We recruit players, not toons, and expect our players to be supportive of our basic tenets (Loyalty; Courtesy; Integrity; Perseverance; and Self-Control. )

We run 25-man progression raids three nights per week (Tues, Wed and Sun) from 8:45pm-Midnight (Eastern US time). We run organized PVP on Monday nights and late Saturday afternoon. Alt-runs and other activities are planned on other evening when there is interest. Members can invite their friends and families (a non-raid rank) so that there is always activity on line for all members and their families.

We are currently #2 on server for 25-man progression (R:8/8 H:4/8) - one boss behind #1; we are usually #1 on server for PVP (currently slipped to #3 but that will change shortly), Guild Achievements and Guild Popularity (Guildox). We do have some PVP-only members, but are not actively recruiting for those positions at the moment.

We are semi-relaxed about attendance - most of our regular raiders have 80%+ attendance, and get priority for raid spots, but we also rely on a number of Guild members who have more difficult schedules; and we recognize that from time to time even our most diligent raiders need to take a WOW-break. We purposely staff the Guild as leanly as is practical in order to give all of our raiding members the opportunity to raid regularly.

We are looking for a few exceptional players who run DPS and Healz toons who want to run 25-man progression raids. While we prefer certain classes (Mele over Ranged DPS; Druid over Priest Healz) we are flexible since many of our Guild-mates are comfortable switching their roles/toons to make room for the right person.


You should be over 18 with solid internet connection, good experience doing progression raids in WOW and planning on regular attendance to all three weekly raids. You should know how to research and plan for fights, be on-time and prepared for each raid, and expect the same of your Guild-mates. You should have a reasonably even temperament.


Go to our website: DOJO : Home : World of Warcraft (WOW) Guild Site at GuildPortal and complete an on-line application. Mention that you saw this post on Elitist Jerks. If you need to make a confidential application, please post an in-forum email or other note for my attention and I will reach out to you.


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bumpity bump bump

looking for 3-5 high-quality raiders who want to finish off DS heroic progression with us (we are currently 4/8H). Class and spec are less important than skill.

Please search me out here or in game - or app at our website

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Bumpity bum bump (with a little thumb roll)

Looking for 2-3 solid dps and 1-2 uber healz - open as to classes/specs - must have usable off-specs.

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