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[A][Nordrassil] <Fallen Legion> 1/16 25 Man - 4 Days/Week - Recruiting!

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Fallen Legion is an adult-oriented raiding guild on the Nordrassil-EU server. The average age of our members is around 25, many of our core members are 30+.

We're a small, tight-knit guild focused on 25-man progress. The guild was formed in October 2005, on day 1 of the Nordrassil server by people who played MMOs together since 2002.

Our goal ever since the guild was formed back in 2005 has always remained the same. Defeat all encounters the game has to offer, while they are still challenging, but do so while respecting the fact there's an actual person behind each character.

We are currently looking for:

- 1 Druid (Feral DPS or Balance)

- 1 Hunter

- 1 Mage

- 1 Monk (Healer or DPS)

- 1 Paladin (Retribution)

- 1 Shaman (Elemental)

- 1 Warlock

Exceptional raiders of any class will, of course, be considered.

We're currently focusing on strengthening our roster for Mists of Pandaria.

Our raiding schedule:

Monday - 8:30pm - Midnight.

Tuesday - Day Off.

Wednesday - 8:30pm - Midnight.

Thursday - 8:30pm - Midnight.

Friday - Day Off.

Saturday - Day Off.

Sunday - 8:30pm - Midnight.

Due to the fact we like keeping our guild small, we do expect high attendance. This allows us to keep rotations on people sitting out to a minimum. However, we DO NOT require it. Our guild is built around the idea that real life > WoW.

Who are we looking for?

Ideally, we're looking for mature people, who love raiding and theorycrafting their class to get the most out of it and prefer raiding with a small tight-knit guild, where everyone knows everyone. We're looking for dedicated players who always strive to improve.

What can you expect from us?

1. Stability - our guild has been around since day 1 of Nordrassil server (October 2005).

2. Experience - many of our members have been playing WoW since European release, or even longer).

3. Regular raid spots - we're a small guild, which means our raiders actually do raid, not sit in Stormwind.

4. Raid Progress - progress raiding is always our main priority.

5. Helpful Guild Bank - we refund repairs and make sure our Guild Bank is always well supplied.

6. Humour - we love having fun both in and out of raids.

Interested? Visit our website:

Fallen Legion

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