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Pwnanza - T15: 11/13 - T14: West 34

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Pwnanza is an almost 6 year old project consisting of a hardcore 25 man raiding guild, raiding on Kazzak. Our approach towards raiding is to minimize error and maximizing our way up the progress ladder within our available raiding time. We've been around for a while and plan on being around for the remaining expansions in World of Warcraft making the guild a long term lasting project aiming to get as high as possible while maintaining a stable and healthy attitude.

Our current goal is to build up a core of raiders that can excel at their ability to PvE and share our mindset of pursuing good results while keeping the game enjoyable and we will encourage any hardcore PvE'er out there to apply.

If you think you know your class better than anyone and want to raid under an efficient but down to earth environment, go ahead and throw us an application.


- Hunter

- Mage

- Priest (DPS)

- Rogue

- Warlock


- 20h - 00h Monday

- 20h - 00h Tuesday

- 20h - 00h Wednesday

- 20h - 00h Thursday

- 20h - 01h Friday

- [DAY OFF] Saturday

- 17h - 00h Sunday

Possibility of extending raiding days during progress.


- Wowprogress: WoW Guild Pwnanza @ Kazzak :: WoWProgress - World of Warcraft Rankings

- YouTube: pwnanzamedia - YouTube

- Facebook:

- Twitter:

- Streams:

- Website:


- Sunwell Plateau: Kil'Jaeden killed before Sunwell Plateau's nerf.

- Heroic: Glory of the Raider and The Immortal title before patch 3.1 and Sartharion 3 Drakes on 8/12/2008.

- Heroic: Glory of the Ulduar Raider before 3.2 and Algalon.

- Heroic: Yogg - Saron (Alone in the Darkness) & Heroic: Anub'Arak (Tribute to Insanity) cleared multiple times.

- Heroic: Lich King cleared before patch 4.0.1.

- Heroic: Cho'gal & Sinestra cleared before patch 4.1.

- Heroic: Ragnaros cleared (7% on phase 4 pre FIRST nerf - ~60 Worldwide 25 man kills).

- Heroic: Madness of Deathwing cleared (5% buff)


- Heroic: 6/6 in Mogu'Shan Vaults

- Heroic: 6/6 in Heart of Fear

- Heroic: 4/4 in Terrace of Endless Spring

- Heroic: 11/13 in Throne of Thunder

- Heroic: Imperial Vizier Zor'lok - West 34

- Realm First - Heroic: Grand Empress Shek'teer - West 41

- Heroic: Tsulong - West 33

- Realm First - Heroic: Sha of Fear - West 29

- Heroic: Council of Elders - West 36

- Heroic: Durumu the Forgotten - West 27

- Heroic: Dark Animus - West 27


In order to apply to Pwnanza, visit the following link: and follow the template we provide. We highly recommend taking some time with it and answering it all available questions with the amount of detail you consider suitable in an exceptional application.

For in depth information regarding our guild, visit or alternatively feel free to ask any question by contacting us on Kazzak on Shacabau, Feyd, Sketchy, Taishici or Reolac.

We'll be also keeping track of forum posts and/or forum PMs.

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