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[A][The Maelstrom] <ScrubBusters> HC: 8/8 World #21 - MoP Recruitment

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[A] ScrubBusters - Hardcore PvE 25 man - The Maelstrom - EU (PvP)

★ Recruitment videos (our atmosphere!)

ScrubBusters Forums! View topic - SB Recruitment Videos T11/T12/PTR (Smell our atmosphere)

★ Recruitment - What are we looking for?

1x Shadowpriest

1x Death Knight - DPS

1x MAIN TANK - High requirements!

- We identified the need to recruit a new main tank for our main raiding core for DS farm and MoP. Preferably a paladin/druid or Death knight though you should have a tanking alt of either those 3 classes. Extreme dedication, experience, 100% attendance, taking initiative and being very vocal along with a great personality are basic requirements.

Don't hesitate to contact us for a chat if you think you fill this position in our raiding team.

x Exceptional players of all classes

We are considering exceptional applications for all classes to strengthen up our guild and community for farm and the upcoming expansion! If you think you can be can perform equal or better then any of our raiders, do apply!

Our logs are public:

World of Logs - Real Time Raid Analysis

★ Progress milestone

We strive towards being among the best English 5-day raiding guilds with a sane raiding schedule.

★ SB Progress milestone


T13: Dragon Soul

Heroic modes 8/8 PRENERF

T12: Firelands

World: 31 EU: 20 EU English: 12 realm:1

Realm First! Ragnaros

Heroic modes 7/7 (25 man) PRENERF

T11: Bastion of Twilight, Throne of the four winds and Blackwing Descent

World: 58 EU: 34 EU English: 17 realm: 1

Realm First! Sinestra

Realm First! Nefarian

Realm First! Al'Akir

Heroic modes 13/13 (25 man) PRENERF


12/12 Icecrown Citadel Heroic(10 & 25 player)

1/1 Ruby Sanctum Heroic (10 & 25 player)

Realm First! Celestial Defender

Realm First! Death's Demise

A Tribute to Insanity (25 player)

A Tribute to Immortality (25 player)

Earth, Wind and Fire (25 player)

★ General information

Nationality: International

Loot System: Loot Council (Running a eqdkp system to back up decisions)

Raiding Style: Hardcore

Raiding Atmosphere: Quality raids while having fun and a lot of !##%%%#@ taking.

Hunger for progress!? Would you like to play in a stable guild? Do you enjoy raiding with people who give their best? Do you want to play in a complete community package? Do you love Realm and World ladder competition? Yes! Yes! Yes!? Then ScrubBusters is possibly the guild for you. Our community is as important as our ambitions to us. We avoid people that just log in for raids, there is pretty much always something going on in ScrubBusters!

★ Noteworthy progress and achievements earned so far:

Guild history and achievements

★ ScrubBusters Media page

ScrubBusters Media

★ About raiding (Server time GMT+1)

We raid 5 days a week during progression[*]

Mon - 19.30-00:00

Tues - 19.30-00:00

Wed - 19.30-00:00

Thurs - 19.30-00:00

Sunday - 19.30-00:00

[*] During progression raids can be extended after midnight to a maximum of 01:00.

[*] During progression raids can sometimes be scheduled on friday/saturday evenings.

[*] When progression is over we fall back to a very laid back raiding schedule (farm).

Note: This doesn't happen on a weekly base, hardly on a monthly base, but you should be ready for it would we extend.

★ The raiding roster

We want a rather tight core with people that are rarely in need of a day away from raiding. The closer to 100% attendance, the better, during progression and farm. That way less people will have to be geared up, and less people need to be educated during progression.

We highly value people with the right attitude along with high attendance and excellent performance. Quality raiders will always feel rewarded in our community. Just as important is your team spirit; you play for the guild. ScrubBusters has a competitive environment however, your expected to play your best at all times.

★ Recruitment

We are always interested in good applications for all classes. If you think you can perform better then someone in our raiding roster, please do apply. Provide all detailed information required, and perhaps earn yourself a full-time raiding position in ScrubBusters. Besides you can at all times follow our recruitment needs on the website or on wowprogress however. We generally answer applications within a few days hours, sometimes followed by an interview on Teamspeak 3.0

★ A few tips before you think about applying

See: ScrubBusters Forums! View topic - Apply to SB - Application Template

See: ScrubBusters Forums! View topic - [sB] General guild information

★ Contact ScrubBusters

If you have any additional questions our officers are available for a chat.

SB Management: Halby Luun Fleuria Lvazquez Wreckér (in-game and forum usernames)

ScrubBusters a World of Warcraft Guild on The Maelstrom EU

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