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[Alliance][Dalvengyr]<stalk and kill> 8/8H DS 25 US #96 Madness LF DPS

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stalk and kill is recruiting

8/8H DS US25 #96 Madness, 7/7H FL US25 #73 Rag

Raid Times:

Monday-Thursday: 8pm - 12am EST

Recruitment Needs:

Any legendary wielding DPS class

Exceptional players of any class/spec.

stalk and kill has been around since WoW was released and is the top 25man progression guild on Dalvengyr. We achieved a great deal during Wrath such as server firsts for all difficult content like Death's Demise, Grand Crusader, Celestial Defender and Light of Dawn. Cataclysm continued this with realm first achievements for all available raid content.


Loot is distributed by an officer led loot council designed to fuel progression and reward players who are solid raiders (i.e. high attendance, all around competency, etc).

What we are looking for:

You should be skilled, dedicated, and willing to challenge and better yourself under any circumstances. We expect that your skill will be up to par with any of our current raiders and encourage competitiveness and drive to push yourself to become more efficient and better at adapting to any fight or any role.

We expect that as a raider you're dedicated to sticking around for the long-haul. We're constantly striving for achievements and challenge, so you should be prepared to take on hard-modes or other meta achievements alongside everyone else. If this isn't something you're interested in, please don't bother applying.

For more information about us and to apply please visit:

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