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Thinking Ahead (MoP Lead Posts)

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With Hamlet not really playing anymore (for some time), and Melthu not really playing (for even longer), we will need lead posts for all specs going into the next expansion. Let me take a second here to really underscore the impressive job both of them have done for a long time. They made this section of the forums one of the best druid resources anywhere on the internet. Thank you both for your hard work and dedication.

I have a few ideas for people who might be able to fill their shoes, and I will be contacting them unless I hear from them first. So, this is my first of many nag-type posts where I attempt to find new authors. Contact me via PM. The more you've contributed, the more likely you are to be considered, but just because you haven't doesn't mean you're out of the running either. We've had some folks come out of nowhere and be fantastic, and that could be you if you're dedicated to the task.


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