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[A][US-Aggramar]<Eternium> 3/8HM 10m - LF Ranged DPS

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<Eternium> is composed of a few core members that have been raiding together for some time. We are currently 3/8HM in DS.

Raid Schedule:We are first and foremost a weekend raiding guild with heavy concentration on end game raiding.

Our raiding schedule is Fri, Sat, and Sunday at 6:15 Server Time (which is CST).

What We Expect: We enjoy a relaxed raiding atmosphere where we can hang out on vent, chat, and have a good time, while progressing. However, we still expect everyone to come to our raids prepared, having watched videos or read about fights. All members that raid must have ventrilo and a mic and be willing to use them. We also expect each member to be present for all raids, within reason. We understand real life happens and that there will be some raids that everyone is unable to attend. However, for the most part, you should be able to attend 80% of the raids and give advanced notice when you will be unable to attend.

Attendance is very important in allowing progression to occur at an acceptable rate.

What We are Looking For: We are currently seeking geared ranged DPS, preferably an Elemental Shaman, however, we will accept other classes if they are exceptional.

How to Apply: Please apply or contact us through our website or contact Lutherian or Stalardor in-game, or PM me via EJ.

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