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[H][US - Illidan]<Despondency>6/8HM - 25 Man - 3 Nights/Week - 9 Hours Total - LFM!

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Who We Are

Despondency is a Horde 25 man raiding guild that's been around since 2008. We raid only 3 nights a week at 3 hours a night totaling 9 hours. We are currently 6/8 HM and looking to wrap up this current tier of content to get ready for MoP.

We reside on the Illidan - US server. Illidan was one of the original launch servers in World of Warcraft and is consistently ranked in the Top 3 US servers for PvE progression, currently being number 1. Having a population of around 52,000 characters and a ratio of Horde/Alliance of 1/0.01, we have a very huge community and an excellent economy. There is always something to do at any given time of the day from arenas, achievement runs, transmog runs to RBG games, etc.

Raid Times

Tuesday - 7:00 PM - 10 PM CST

Wednesday - 7:00 - 10 PM CST

Thursday - 7:00 PM - 10 PM CST

Sunday is usually a wrap up day where we'll either finish up the current raid or do some old content (ie: Firelands). Currently there is an alt run on Monday.

Recruitment Needs

Warlock - Highest Priority

Elemental Shaman - High Priority

Shadow Priest - High Priority

DPS Warrior - High Priority

Boomkin Druid - Medium Priority

Blood Death Knight - High Priority

We are ALWAYS interested in exceptional applicants of any class/spec regardless of current recruitment needs.

What We Look For In An Applicant

We are looking for raiders who learn quickly and are comfortable performing their designated role in a raiding environment while dealing with boss mechanics. Gear will not matter if you are willing to learn, you are raid aware, and have a positive attitude.

You will be expected to review logs and improve your overall performance by reading reliable websites and discussing your class and role with fellow guildmates.

Loot System

We use the EPGP loot system (EPGP Introduction). All trials will be required to download the EPGP Lootmaster addon, which can be found on Curse, to effectively participate in loot distribution.

Benefits of Joining Despondency

We offer free flasks and feasts to everyone participating in the raid. Raiders will also receive free repairs and potions.

How To Apply

Apply on our website or whisper Gyniverre or Acutely with any questions or comments. Expect a ventrilo interview if your application is selected.

Thanks for your interest in raiding with us!

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