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[A][NA-Stormrage] <Morte Nera> 10m - 10hr 2n/wk

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Raid Times: Grp 1: Tuesday/Wednesday 6-9pm

Grp 2: Saturday/Sunday 7:30-12:30am

Loot Distribution: Grp1: Modified Free Roll

Grp 2: EPGP

Guild Policies:



About Us

Morte Nera is a semi-hardcore raiding guild made up of like-minded adults. We are made up of skilled players that research and know their class/role, research and discuss raid strategy, and push themselves and their teammates to the best of their abilities. We are not afraid of wiping, and as long as we are making progress, of any sort, we will be having fun while doing so. And when we finally kill a boss, we won’t argue about the loot. Loot is simply a necessity of progressing. Most of our players have professional jobs and/or families to care for, so we like to make our raiding time count.

We place an emphasis on loyalty, but as working adults with lives we value our time as well. Because of the importance we put on our personal lives, we count on one another to ensure our raid nights are not a waste of time and we all maintain a nearly 100% attendance rate due to our tightly maintained roster. The expectation is for potential members to be fully invested in excelling at their class and roles and will welcome any quality applicant.

We supply enchants, gems (if available) and repairs. Crafted item distribution is determined by availability of materials and needs of the team.


Current Recruitment Needs (group 2) - up to date as of 1/26

(Group 1 in need of paly/priest healer)


â–£ Paladin - High

â–£ Death Knight - High

â–£ Warrior - High

â–£ Monk - High


â–£ Paladin - High

â–£ Shaman - Medium

â–£ Druid - High


â–£ Death Knight - Medium

â–£ Paladin - Medium

â–£ Warrior - High

â–£ Druid - Medium


â–£ Mage - High

â–£ Hunter - Low

All quality players are encouraged to apply.


How to Apply

Be as informative on your application as possible. This is your first introduction to our officers and raiders! We take this "first impression" seriously and expect that you will also.

Contact Us

If you have any questions, you may contact Architectx/Panderolle/Chugernaut in game. Battletag: PanderThis#1686

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