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Pretext - don't skip this part:

This is, as always, a work in progress - but somebody needs to start it at some point.

I would much rather do this thing as a Wiki-page out of a simple reason: If stays much easier to read for the visitor than a post with dozens of comments along the way.

As much as I like comments, quotes and new posts in a thread - I rather get them as PMs in order to not mess up the viewing experience.

I´ll gladly quote, add a citation or reference to anywhere and anyone contributing for anything that seems good enough to be added - but of course I'm not a backseat-moderator that can keep you from actually posting in this thread. Just wanted to make that clear again.

(And despite popular believe - I'm not an English native speaker, so bear with me)

Latest additions/wishbox:

27.8. Add Grimoire Comparison

27.8. Reputations

27.8. Levelling

16.8. Glyphs

16.8. Grimoire

15.8. Cooking

15.8. TBA: Use for Demonic Gateway(Elmi)

Let me start with a word of my own:

Something done right by a few people, or a single person, can save a whole lot of people time and headaches.

As much as I enjoy the thought and process of getting knowledge out of my head and down on paper to provide others with it, I do not enjoy writing hand-holding guides for the masses(even if I sometimes drift towards it).

While I get that 99% of EJs readers come here to understand the basics of the class and a bare minority comes here to maximize their own(and others) performance in the process, I still stand by the believe that writing long winded essays, quoting tool-tips or stating base knowledge will, in general, not help anyone to actually enjoy playing the class nor motivate him to spend some time figuring out things for himself.

Some would call writing guides selfless, I myself call my own reasons for doing so mostly selfish(though the result once again is for the community). I do these posts to also get feedback on things I haven't seen through or things I got wrong while compiling stuff, a result that helps me and others in the long run.


This thread is intended to provide general information on warlocks for the start of the MoP expansion.


  • Provide up to date information on talents / glyphs
  • Provide compiled information on talent combination / boss
  • Provide a list of easily obtainable starter gear once level 90

Not planned

  • Listing or writing out each and every ability that has changed in MoP -> You can read them yourself.
  • Providing detailed rotation information for each spec -> See class specific threads and Simcraft(if noone writes them, I might add that)
  • Proving lists of enchants you should get -> Unless something is really unclear


As everyone knows by now, MoP overhauled the talent system as a whole.

As per date of writing this(29.07.2012), the 6 tiers of warlock talents only have 1 tier that generally affects your DPS(Leaving Archimonde's Vengeance and Kil'jaeden's Cunning aside) which is the 5th tier of Grimoires. All other talents are basically down to personal preference(!) and adjustment to each specific encounter.

I do not want to "suggest" a general spec because of prior stated reasons, I would just like to use this section to point out at which encounter which talent does work better than others or, as the general consensus would be, is a necessity for being at the top of your game on the encounter.


Suggested Grimoires per spec as per simcraft including respective pets - from the SimulationCraft Thread(all credits to Zaka for this)

How do I read those graphs?

The baseline T13H profile has no talents but is using the highest-DPS pet.(thus, it is very unlikely for it ever to be on top)

Sacrifice does not use a pet. Service adds a pet of the same name. Supremacy changes your pet.

So every bar is very distinctive in which Grimoire it is.




Suggested Glyphs

Note: Links for these items might point to wrong glyphs before release of 5.0.4 on live servers due to changed item-ids.

Spec Date Glyphs Temp links
Affliction 27.8. Soul Shards [Glyph of Haunt]
Demonology 27.8 Shadow Bolt [Glyph of Shadow Bolt]
Destruction 16.8 Burning_Embers, Conflagrate [Glyph of Conflagrate][Glyph of Chaos Bolt]

Talents per encounter

At this point(pre MoP) I would think that with 99% chance each and every spec will use the same talents for one particular encounter, but I'll leave it open for MoP to surprise me on this.

This section intends to point out talent choices for specific heroic encounters.

Heart of Fear Affliction Demonology Destruction Comment
Imperial Vizier Zor'lok    
Blade Lord Ta'ya    
Wind Lord Mel'jarak    
Amber-Shaper Un'sok    
Grand Empress Shek'zeer    

Mogu'shan Vaults Affliction Demonology Destruction Comment
The Stone Guard    
Feng the Accursed    
Gara'jal the Spiritbinder    
The Spirit Kings    
Will of the Emperor    

Terrace of Endless Spring Affliction Demonology Destruction Comment
Protectors of the Endless    
Lei Shi     
Sha of Fear    

Stat priorities

Thresholds and caps

The hit cap for level 93 bosses has moved down to 15% which equals 5100ish rating.


One of the major changes of this expansion is the shifting in gem stats.

The best quote on this matter comes from Ghostcrawler himself:

Is it intended that secondary stats now have twice the itemization budget of primary stats in terms of gems
Yes. With the possible exception of Spirit, there is little decision in choosing red gems in the live game. Secondary stats are often more interesting in general because there are break points, hard caps, and personal preferences. Any Agi user who eschews Agi is doing it wrong.
Now, what impact does this have on gemming?

Meta gem:


In order of DPS increase(and possibly values)









Blood Elf



Night Elf


If you plan on levelling, my humble suggestion is to do it as Affliction.

Glyphs: [Glyph of Drain Soul][item not found!][Glyph of Corruption]

[item not found!][Glyph of Death Coil]


Make use of Soul Burn + Soul Swap and just grind away.


This time around LFR will provide a way to get some starter gear early on(with a tad of luck) but, granted you're investing some more time, quite a bit of gear can be earned from different factions.

Seeing that Darkmoon Faire starts on the 7th of October, I've also included the caster trinket in the list.

Profiler - Wowhead

Now currently information on where these Quartermasters are is a bit scarce, so here's the breadcrumbs:




I think the most accurate shot I have from my first char, which I levelled through all 86-90 content and finished up all zones but Jade Forest is this one:


Now there are a few things to mind:

It takes 2 days to get Friendly with Golden Lotus, and another 5 for honored(don't quote me on that), which opens up another 4 quests to my knowledge.

And then it takes another 7 days to get revered with them.(don't quote me on that either)

Revered not only opens up their Quartermaster, but also finally the chance to do Shado-Pan and The August Celestial Dailys.

Klaxxi dailies appear as you progress through their zone.


Cooking will once again be needed for raiders, so you shouldn't neglect that part.

You can start your cooking quests as you drop by Halfhill.

Cooking is divided into 6 cooking specializations this time, so you simply take what every other Warlock also takes - Booze, err no... - the Way of the Pot is the one you want.




The first tier provides you with the following trinkets, in their respective versions.

Essence of Terror - Item - World of Warcraft

Light of the Cosmos - Item - World of Warcraft

Jade Magistrate Figurine - Item - World of Warcraft

Also for reference the other 2 more easily obtainable trinkets for the start(leaving aside the horrendous Darkmoon prices at the start wink.gif)

Blossom of Pure Snow - Item - World of Warcraft

Relic of Yu'lon - Item - World of Warcraft

Boss specific infos

Heart of Fear
Imperial Vizier Zor'lok
Blade Lord Ta'ya
Wind Lord Mel'jarak
Amber-Shaper Un'sok
Grand Empress Shek'zeer

Mogu'shan Vaults
The Stone Guard
Feng the Accursed
Gara'jal the Spiritbinder
The Spirit Kings
Will of the Emperor

Terrace of Endless Spring
Protectors of the Endless
Lei Shi
Sha of Fear

The Video Section

Making videos on beta content is ungrateful for most, because you simply end up never being accurate in the ever changing flow of the beta updates.

Sparkuggz of Method found himself a few(more like a whole lot) of hours to record and voice several as well as record most PTR fights.

As a matter of courtesy: Please note that this is PTR footage and is ALWAYS suspect to change. I'm pointing this out because that's just how it is and I wouldn't want to discredit the effort put into each of these movies, just to see Blizzard completely change stuff around days later. Use these to get a feel and impression of the class, don't use them as facts.

Raiding as Destruction

Raiding as Demonology

Raiding as Affliction

Base Image section for talents








Click here to view the guide

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