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<H> Cold Fusion, 10m hardcre on Turalyon (Horde #1) 3d/week LF TANK

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Cold Fusion is a hardcore raiding (10m) guild on Turalyon-EU, Horde side. We have several raid teams and a mix of players who enjoy all aspects of the game. Our top tier raid team is full of seasoned and mature, skilled, and passionate players - want to join us?

Raiding Schedule

Our Heroic Hardcore Raiding Team (8/8 HC DS, horde first) raids on Friday + Sunday (8-11pm server time) with Monday added during progression. We are currently the 1st guild Horde-side and 8th guild server-wide - we aim to push that even more in MoP to top 3.

Despite our relatively light raid schedule, we expect top performance out of our team and you can expect a hardcore, focused, performance-driven group. We expect the best from our raiders .

Current spot open for:

  • TANK

Check out our latest guild movie at Cold Fusion Guild and Aftermath of Cataclysm - YouTube and our website at

Ping me by email

Are you the best? We encourage you to apply and show us :-) Do not hesitate to apply even if we have several of a particular class, ultimately the best players will be raiding in our guild.

Do not apply if

  • You cannot make the time commitment for future progression content.
  • You plan on quitting or if you know you will have to take a break from the game soon.
  • You cannot make the time commitment to raid with 75% or greater attendance.
  • You have little to no heroic raiding experience.

We require that you:

  1. Know the ins and outs of their class very well
  2. Are very self-driven by nature
  3. Pay close attention to detail
  4. Enjoy socializing and getting to know the rest of the people around them
  5. Are looking for a long-term commitment to our guild
  6. Are minimum 18 years old
  7. Are active on our guild forums
  8. Have a working microphone for voicecomms (mumble)
  9. Prepare for the fights before the raid!

Our Loot Rules are DKP plus BiS lists.

Faction/server transfers are welcome to apply. Feel free to reach out to me in-game (ginamarie) or via email at

Our guild website is: Cold Fusion - Guild website - Homeand I'm also the healbotess of

AND in a super fun update -> Our new guild movie is live :)

Check it out at Cold Fusion Guild and Aftermath of Cataclysm - YouTube



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Recruitment update:

Tank spot now open in addition to 1 Melee.

Contact me for more information :-)

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