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As you may have noticed, I have closed out the Cataclysm stickies and replaced them with Mists versions. This will make it easier to find fresh discussion as the new content becomes available. Please move discussions to the appropriate new versions of the thread.

It would be good to do similar reboots of the other Cata-specific threads. We already have a reboot of the Raid Mechanics thread, which is good; we will, at some point, need updated guides for each spec as well. I don't know if ieatpaperbag and Pathal are planning to continue maintaining guide threads; hopefully, they will let their intentions be known in this thread.

We will also need an updated FAQ at some point; if you're interested in writing this, please let me know.

Once we have updated guides, FAQs, etc., I will similarly close out the Mists of Pandaria: All Specs thread; we should be able to move all relevant discussion into Simple Questions and the spec threads.

If there is some other discussion thread that you feel would be useful to have, feel free to post and we can discuss whether it makes sense.

Finally, I'm starting to have less time to spend on WoW and managing these forums, so I will be looking at promoting a new moderator to help out. If there's someone you think would be particularly good that you'd like to nominate, please PM me and let me know.

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I'm okay with someone else taking the reins of the Sub thread. If no one wants to take it over by the time Mists officially launches then I'll see what I can whip together though.

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