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#Acherus is an IRC theorycrafting channel for Death Knights. It is owned by Magdalena (US-Whisperwind), and moderated by Nazuvious (US-Aerie Peak) and Mioneechan (EU-Kazzak).

Acherus is nearly 5 years old and has become a recognisable force, both in the Death Knight and wider WoW theorycrafting communities. We are home to some of the smartest and most talented players in the game, including high end theorycrafters, community leaders,  top ranking players and several sim developers. The channel has a healthy mix of both US and EU players.

We operate under the belief that intelligent discussion about the class and game mechanics in a Live forum can result in better theorycraft making it to paper, along with the many benefits of having a community to support and contribute to said theorycraft.

We collaborate frequently when it comes to testing out mechanics, sharing results, sims and posting on various forums. Indeed, we can proudly state that the majority of feedback and PvE theorycraft conversation surrounding Death Knights since Cataclysm has been driven by us.

We welcome newcomers to our channel, both veteran and relatively newer players, in the hopes of being able to widen our circle and bring in new perspectives and ideas. We encourage in depth discussion, not only of Death Knights but of WoW in general. It's OK to idle in the channel at times, and you aren't expected to prepare a thesis before entry.

We expect that all visitors will adhere to a simple code of etiquette, which entails being polite to and respecting fellow participants, not linking inappropriate material in the main chat channel and avoiding flame wars (both starting and furthering).

The channel is located on the Coldfront server, and can be accessed by a number of means including:

1. Webchat client (Select "Coldfront" from the list of servers and type in #Acherus as your selected channel)
2. tiramisu irc client (Type in /join #Acherus once the system logs in to Coldfront)
3. Son of a Lich | a resource for DPS Death Knights of the World of Warcraft (Direct access from our blog)


We also have official forums on Son of a Lich:

We look forward to seeing new faces in Acherus soon!

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