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[A][Mannoroth] <terrible terrible damage> 8/8H, LF Tank or DPS for Mists 10 mans

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We are a level 25 guild on Mannoroth formed with 10 mans in mind. We are looking for an additional player to round out our roster for Mists.

We are looking for:

- Any non cloth DPS or Tank class (1x)

Raid Times

Sunday-Wednesday: 8-11 server (Eastern time)

How to apply

Register on our forums and apply.

Join our chat at terrible terrible damage

PM me here, or on our forum

Whisper anyone in game and ask to speak with an officer.

What we expect from you

To put the guild before yourself, and to understand that you play for progression, not your character

Exceptional DPS capabilities (we don't call ourselves terrible terrible damage for nothing)

An open mind, both in terms of thinking, and humor.

What you can expect from us

A successful 12 hour/week guild that will clear content while it is relevant, ie. in the current tier.

Ridiculous banter all day

An extremely active forum (45 posts per day) for people who get bored during the day

Peers who push each other to constantly improve

A very cohesive group which has been raiding together for four years.

Thanks for your time

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