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[A][Windrunner] <Temerity> 25M * 8/8HM * US 31st * 12 Hr wk

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**** WTB Healers, especially Holy Paladins and Mistweaver Monks! ****

Want to enjoy competitive 25M progression raiding on an ultra-light schedule? Do you demand stability, strong leadership and a positive environment?

<Temerity> is an established, professional, three night (evenings PST) 25M raiding guild on the Windrunner server. Through WotLK, we maintained a ~US Top 100 ranking while strictly adhering to our 12hr/week schedule, but now find ourselves in the top US 50 on the same schedule. We offer efficient raiding, a mature environment, and analysis/planning over yelling and complaining. Most of our members have families and careers and so we emphasize making the most of the few hours each week we raid. We treat each other with respect and demand high performance, excellent gameplay, and positive attitudes. We don't tolerate some of the racist, homophobic, or other high-testosterone attitudes often present in endgame raiding guilds so please have the right expectations before applying.

Key details:

  • Three nights a week: Wednesday, Thursday, and Sunday. Raid times: 7:45PM muster; 8pm - PST to Midnight raid
  • Loot system: EPGP
  • Members: motivated, driven, professional, friendly
  • All consumables are provided by the guild bank. Guild repairs are on 24/7, even for recruits.

Some progression highlights:

WoW Realm US-Windrunner :: WoWProgress - World of Warcraft Rankings and History

Dragon Soul:

  • US 31st Heroic Madness
  • US 36th Heroic Spine
  • US 28th Heroic Blackhorn
  • US 24th Heroic Ultraxion
  • US 21st Heroic Hagara
  • US 24th Heroic Zon'ozz


  • US 36th Heroic Ragnaros! US first on a 3 night schedule
  • US 49th H25 Baleroc
  • US 61st H25 Majordomo
  • US 34th H25 Alysrazor
  • US 25th H25 Rhyolith
  • US 39th H25 Beth'tilac

Tier 11:

  • Tier 11 - 13/13 HMs for 25M
  • US 40th Heroic Al'akir (25) and US 1st for 3 night guilds
  • US 49th Sinestra (25) - Pre-4.1 Patch
  • US 57th Heroic Cho'gall (25)
  • US 71st Heroic Nefarian (25)


Particularly looking for Healers, especially a Holy Paladin and Mistweaver Monks!

We look for very skilled players with progression raid experience who want to raid as efficiently as possible -- we consider every member's time a valuable commodity, which means pulling on time, finishing on time, and not wasting time in raids. We expect the best of our members and only accept 100% from everyone. If you are serious about raiding, and want to prove three nights is all it takes to have fun, be competitive, and see the hardest of the hard before it gets nerfed, Temerity is the place you want to be. Please see the achievements of our guild members for yourself to realize Temerity is a very special guild of experienced raiders looking for like-minded players to join us.

Our website:

Temerity of Windrunner

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